Catholic Life and Mission of St. Mary of the Angels Catholic Primary School

The following statement is taken from our school's Instrument of Governance:

St. Mary of the Angels Catholic Primary School was founded by and is part of the Catholic Church. The School is to be conducted as a Catholic School in accordance with Canon Law and the teachings of the Catholic Church, and in accordance with the Trust Deed of the Diocese of Westminster and in particular:

  1. religious education is to be in accordance with the teachings, doctrines, discipline and general and particular norms of the Catholic Church;
  2. religious worship is to be in accordance with the rites, practices, discipline and liturgical norms of the Catholic Church;

and at all times the School is to serve as a witness to the Catholic faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Please click on the 'Prayer and Worship' and 'Religious Education' links to find out more about how we strive to serve as witnesses to our Catholic faith.

Prayer Services 2023-2024

The children and staff are delighted to invite parents and carers to join us in prayer and worship at our forthcoming Prayers Services the dates of which are as follows:


Friday 6th October 3pm


Friday 3rd November 3pm


Friday 17th November 3pm


Friday 2nd February 3pm


Friday 8th March 3pm


Friday 10th May 3pm


Friday 17th May June 


Thursday 6th June 3pm






Class Assemblies 2023-2024

The children and staff are delighted to invite parents and carers to join us in prayer, worship and celecration at our forthcoming class assemblies. 

The dates of which are as follows:


Friday 13th October 9:10am


Friday 20th October 9:10am 


Friday 10th November  9:10am


Thursday 23rd November 9:10am


Friday 19th January 9:10am 


Friday 26th January 9:15am 


Friday 9th February 9:10am 


Friday 15th March 9:10am 



Whole School Mass: Friday 12th January 

We were delighted that children and staff from Reception to 6 were able to attend a Mass On Friday 12th January for the feast of the Epiphany, celebrated especially for the school by Mgr. Keith Barltrop in our parish church.

As a school we recognise that it is important to mark the feast of the Epiphany, which was celebrated during the Christmas holidays (6th January), and to spend some time reflecting on the Christmas season before moving too quickly from Advent. The Christmas season is such an important one in the Christian calendar, so it is essential that our pupils understand it and that it is a focus for prayer and liturgy. One way to extend the idea of Christmas is to keep the school crib up until the Presentation of the Lord. 

We look forward joining parishioners on Friday 2nd February at St. Mary of the Angels Church at 11am to celebrate the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord which occurs forty days after the birth of Jesus and is also known as Candlemas Day.

Parents and carers are most welcome to join us.

Advent & Christmas Dates 2023

Preparing our hearts and minds to celebrate the Good News of Jesus’ birth is such an important part of our school and liturgical year. We very much look forward to bringing our school together during the season of Advent as follows:

Wednesday 29th November  Advent Carol Service at Westminster Cathedral (Year 6/ Pupil Chaplaincy Team) 
Wednesday 6th December  Key Stage 2 Carol Service 2:00pm @ St Mary of the Angles Church 
Thursday 7th December  Christmas Jumper Day 
Friday 8th December 

The Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception Mass 11am (whole school Mass) 

Christmas Movie Night 

Tuesday 12th December  Foundation Stage Nativity 9:30am (parents/carers) 
Wednesday 13th December  Christmas Lunch for Children (own clothes day)
Tuesday 19th December  Key Stage 1 Christmas Nativity 2:30pm (parents/carers) 
Wednesday 20th December  Special Visitor to the School 
Thursday 21st December  End of term 2/ School closed at 1:30pm for Christmas Holidays 
Monday 8th January  School Closed-Inset day
Tuesday 9th January School opens: Start of Term 3 
Caritas Advent Giving Calendar 2023

Inspired by Pope Francis, we are asking families to take part in our ‘Caritas Advent Giving Calendar’ project this Advent. The Caritas Food Collective are a project working to tackle food poverty in the Diocese of Westminster. Each class has been assigned an item that the foodbank requires from our ‘Advent Giving Calendar.’ We invite the children to bring in their donations on the date assigned to their class. Each item will then be put together and donated to Westbourne Park Pantry.

For more information, please click the document below. 

Click to Download Advent Giving Calendar 2023 [pdf 297KB] Click to Download
Hummingbirds Assembly: Bucket Fillers! 

Thank you to the pupils and staff in the Hummingbirds Class who invited their parent/carers to gather and join them in prayer and thanks at their class assembly on Thursday. The assembly was based on World Kindness Day linked to Anti-Bullying Week. The children in class have been reading ‘Have you Filled a Bucket Today?’ and have been exploring ways in which they can be bucket fillers! The children reminded us of scripture from Matthew 7:13: Do for others as you would want them to do for you. Thank you, Ms McNab and Hummingbirds, for a beautiful assembly.

Swallows Assembly: Friday 10th November - Remembrance Day 

 In a very moving and informative assembly, Swallows reminded all gathered today of the importance and solemnity of Remembrance Day which falls on November 11th each year. We were reminded of and gave thanks for the sacrifice made by those who died during the First and Second World Wars and prayed for peace in our world. It was very poignant to hear the children share the prayer they had written as a class which shows the depth of their understanding and empathy for all who suffer. Thank you Swallows class for a very special assembly which we will remember for years to come.

Mini Vinnies 2023-2024 – ‘Turning Concern into Action’

This year, the Mini Vinnies team have decided to ask for donations of winter coats and fleeces for the Calling London Winter Coat Campaign and we are delighted to say that we are working once again with Chestertons, Notting Hill, to support this charity.

You have until Monday 20th November to drop off your donations of coats, fleeces and jackets to the front office.

What winter clothing items are needed?

  • Coats of all styles
  • Jackets  
  • Gilets
  • Fleeces

All coats and winter jackets in good condition are welcome for children or adults.

Click to Download Calling London Poster - St. Mary of the Angels Catholic Primary School [pdf 1MB] Click to Download
Feast of All Saints: Wednesday 1st November 2023

Wedbesday 1st November was the Feast of All Saints and we were delighted that children and staff in Years 1 to 6 were able to attend a Mass celebrated by Mgr. Keith Barltrop in our parish church. Mgr. Keith Barltrop reminded all gathered that All Saints' Day is a Christian solemnity, or dignified remembrance, that celebrates the honour of all church saints, whether known or unknown. He reminded all gathered that we are all called to be saints, that is, by being receptive to God’s holiness and grace. 

We now look forward joining parishioners to celebrate Mass for The Solemnity Immaculate Conception on Friday 8th December at St. Mary of the Angels Church @11am. Parents and carers are most welcome to join us.

Swans Assembly: Friday 20th October 2023 - Awe and Wonder STEM

Swans space-themed assembly was a perfect blend of entertainment and education. Year 6 taught us about the earth, planets and history of space exploration, wowing us with their learning and knowledge and inviting us to join in the beautiful prayer shared here to your right.

Thank you Ms Hulands and Swans for such an informative assembly! 

Robins Assembly: Friday 13th October - God knows Us and Loves Us

Thank you to the pupils and staff in Robins Class who invited their parent/carers to gather and join them in prayer and thanks at their class assembly on Friday 13th October. The assembly was based on the Robins current RE topic which is exploring and celebrating ourselves. In the assembly the children celebrated their similarities and differences and shared with us their gifts and talents. The children reminded us of scripture from Isaiah 43 1:2 God says: You are precious to me. I know you.I love you.I know your name.

Thank you Ms Cox and Robins for a beautiful assembly. 

Kingfishers Prayer Service: Friday 6th October 2023 - Caring for Creation

Thank you to the pupils and staff in Kingfishers Class who invited their parent/carers to gather and join them in prayer at their prayer service on Friday 6th October. We were reminded of the wonder of God’s creation as we listened to a reading from the book of Genesis which was accompanied by some beautiful art work and singing. The children also shared with us how they were going to answer the call to be stewards of creation, inspiring us to do likewise. Thank you Miss Miller, Mrs Lane, Kingfishers and Beatriz, a member of our Pupil Chaplaincy Team who assisted with the music.

Macmillan Coffee Morning: Thursday 28th September

On Thursday 28th September, our school community came together to host our first ever Macmillan Coffee Morning. Staff, parents/carers and our Chaplaincy Team joined together to raise an amazing £220 for Macmillan Cancer Support. As always, thank you for your generosity and support; your donation of cakes made sure that the time spent together over a cup of tea/coffee was enjoyed by all.

We look forward to holding the event again next year.

The Feast of the Archangels: Friday 29th September 2023

Friday 29th September was the Feast of the Archangels and we were delighted that children and staff in Years 1 to 6 were able to attend a Mass celebrated especially for the school by Mgr. Jim Overton in our parish church. The attentiveness and reverence the children showed in Mass is a credit to their parents and the school. We now look forward to joining parishioners to celebrate Mass for the Feast of All Saints on Wednesday 1st November which is a Holy Day of obligation for Catholics.

Stations of the Cross: Lent 2023

The Stations of the Cross is a form of prayer used traditionally in Lent. Each of the 14 Stations retells part of Jesus’ Passion (his suffering and death) through images and words. These Stations of the Cross introduce children to Jesus’ Passion, breaking it down into stages that they can reflect upon and remember. The Stations are more than the retelling of a story: they are a prayerful participation in the event that lies at the heart of Christianity – Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection.

As part of our Lenten experience, the children were asked to create their own interactive Stations of the Cross journey. Each class took a station and were encouraged to be as creative as possible in exploring its significance in the Easter Story.

The atmosphere in the hall was one of reflection and respect, awe and wonder. 

The hall was in darkness, lit by candle light with Taize music quietly playing in the background. It was beautiful to watch the children spending time reflecting and praying with their friends. This was a lovely way for us to mark the significance and sacrifice Jesus made and for the children to understand its importance.

Year of Pilgrimage: January - December 2022

A pilgrimage is often described as a holy or spiritual journey. Over the past two years, the journeys that we might normally have made, whether that be to a holiday or pilgrimage destination, have often been thwarted; but nevertheless, our spiritual journey continues. Ultimately, each of us is on a life-long pilgrimage journey to heaven. Between January - December 2022, we will be taking the  children on an exciting pilgrimage journey, from the comfort of school, through special assemblies, prayer and worship and activities in class. 

Every long journey starts with planning the route. In order that you and your children know where we are planning to take you on this pilgrimage journey, we have a Year of Pilgrimage Map where you can see all of our ‘stopping places’ on the journey.

Click to Download yop map your journey poster a3 [pdf 829KB] Click to Download
Year of Pilgrimage Song

You are the way to our Father above!

Jesus send Your Spirit, help our hearts to love.

You are alive! You’re our friend and our guide.

We can always trust in you as you’re here by our side!

Lenten Appeal 2022 – One Community

This year our school is participating in the Lenten Appeal which is led by the Catholic Children’s Society, a charity which helps children and families living in poverty in the UK. Through their services they also help children overcome disadvantage, achieve their full potential and have better chances in life. As Lent is a time of giving, we ask that you donate what you can to this great cause. Each child will receive a Catholic Children's Society Lenten box. We ask that all boxes are returned to the school office no later than Wednesday 30th March.

If you would like to know more about our chosen Lenten Appeal for 2022, then please click here.

Click to Download CCS-One-Community-Poster [pdf 1MB] Click to Download
Lent 2022

The forty days of Lent are an opportunity to change our daily lives and become even closer to God. We can do a range of things to help us to be more like Jesus. 

Challenge yourself this Lent by trying our Lenten Doodle!

Click to Download Mini Vinnies Lent Calendar 1 [pdf 3MB] Click to Download
Click to Download Lent Pillars Mini Vinnies [pdf 269KB] Click to Download
Certificate of Appreciation 

St John's Hospice sent us this special certificate of appreciation in recognition for taking part in their Light Up a Life event and for raising an amazing £210.75 in aid of the hospice.