Religious Education

Religious education permeates the whole curriculum and school life.
We aim to bring our children to an understanding of the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ and a love and reverence for God.

St Mary of the Angels is a Roman Catholic school and for our children to grow up to be practising Catholics there must be a commitment to the faith within the school and at home.

Therefore the school looks to a partnership which will uphold and reinforce the teachings of the Catholic faith. For their part, parents are expected to accept full responsibility by continuing to take their children to Mass on Sundays on a regular basis.

The school teaches the curriculum as laid down in the Catholic Education Services Curriulum Directory through the 'Come and See' religious education programme.

Come & See

At St Mary of the Angels School, we use the programme 'Come and See' to teach children RE, starting from Nursery, all the way through to Year 6.

The Come and See programme has been developed to respond to the needs of children today in their faith journey, to enable them to grow in their religious literacy and understanding in a way that is coherent with current educational principles. It is designed to support teachers in their delivery of religious education. It integrates the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Catholic Levels of Attainment and the new Religious Education Curriculum Directory.

At the heart of the programme is the mystery of God’s self-revelation of love through Jesus Christ. Come and See gives pupils the opportunity to explore the mystery of faith through Scripture and Tradition.

Come and See offers the opportunity to search, to explore, to discover, and to respond; this is part of what it is to be human.

We each have a role to play in the delivery of this scheme of work for RE.

  • Children – ‘Come and See’ the wonder of all that is within them and beyond.
  • God – offers the invitation to ‘Come and See’
  • Teacher – facilitates the opportunity for children to ‘Come and See’
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Big Questions

In partnership with Come and See, we incorporate ‘Big Questions’ into our units of learning throughout the year.

These questions such as ‘What makes a house a home?’ allow children more opportunities to reflect on the meaning of RE teaching in their lives. It also provides scope for discussion and further exploration of key concepts, which link directly to the themes of Come and See.

Why do we ask Big Questions?

  • To encourage children to think beyond the obvious.

  • To encourage children to think of as many possibilities as they can, before deciding upon the best or most appropriate answer.

  • To increase their understanding of a topic

  • To encourage children to articulate their thoughts?

Please see attached an overview of our 'Big Questions' below.

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