Children's University

In November 2018 our school officially enrolled in the Children’s University, a programme designed to encourage children to participate in a range of learning activities outside of school hours. The program aims to ignite children’s passion for learning, build their self-confidence and demonstrate the real world relevance of school subjects.  Our school is now affilaited with Westminster Children's University and we will be working closely with Lyndsy Killip, the WCU's Director of Learning, who is based at Queen's Park School.  



Passport to Learning

Children in Years 1 to 6 have been given a ‘Passport to Learning’ to take home. They are asked to record hours in the passport for any learning activities they participate in out of school hours (before-school, lunchtime and after-school clubs, and during weekends and holidays). This can include school clubs, sport clubs, music lessons, dance/drama lessons, museum and art gallery visits, local library workshops, etc. The activities must encourage learning. Each different activity can only account for 5 hours in the ‘Passport to Learning’, so students are encouraged to try a range of activities to accumulate hours. Each time a child completes an activity they receive a stamp in their ‘Passport to Learning’. Teachers, coaches and museum/library staff are able to stamp passports.

Westminster Children's University 'Kidszone'

There are lots of activities to inspire, challenge and empower pupils on the Westminster Children's University website. Click on the image on the left or the link below to explore. The 'Gaining Credits' document provides an overview of the types of activities and learning opportunities the school will be planning in partnership with parents/carers, our school partners and learning destinations (e.g. museums, art galleries, businesses etc.)


Click to Download Gaining Credits [pdf 218KB] Click to Download
Activities in the local area

Paddington Arts Dance, drama, break dancing and steel pan, half term and summer holiday projects. 

Westminster Library Homework Clubs 

The Tabernacle Free art workshops (5 - 16 year olds). Steelpan, ballet, dance, capoeira and singing lessons.