Kingfishers Class (F/Year 2)

Hello Year 2!

Welcome to our brand new home learning page! I hope that you have had a wonderful first week back at school - it has been so lovely to see your smiling faces every day :)

We have a brand new name - this year we are the Kingfishers Class! 

Thursday 6th May 2021

Good morning Kingfishers!

Today, you will all be learning at home as our school is being used as a polling station. Attached is a timetable to help guide you in your learning today. I can't wait to see all of your fantastic work!

Miss Percival.

File icon: docx Thursday 6th May 2021.docx [docx 12KB] Click to download

Week 8 Timetable

Good Morning Kingfishers. Welcome to the last week of Online Learning!  

Attached below, you will find an 'Online Learning Timetable' for the week. It has ALL your learning in it for the week, including the links to the teaching videos that you must watch each day. We will attach any worksheets you need on SeeSaw

We will ask you to complete and upload some of your learning this week to SeeSaw. Then, I will be able to check your work and give you feedback. It has been great seeing all that you have done so far. 

Please continue to check our class page everyday for new messages. 

Everyday this week, there will be a Google Classroom meet at 9.10am along with a Book Talk lesson  and a extra lesson uploaded daily to SeeSaw.

Thank you for all of the amazing learning you have done so far this term. I can't wait to see you next week! 

Miss Percival 

File icon: pdf Year 2 Online Learning Timetable - Spring 1 Week 8.pdf [pdf 517KB] Click to download

Friday 29th January 2021

Good morning Kingfishers class,

I am very excited to say that we will be seeing you all live on Monday at 9:10am in our Google Classroom meet! Please ensure that you have your google classroom login and are able to sign in today. If you are having any issues, please contact the school through the main office via phone or email.

Here is a step by step guide to logging on:

Step One: Search Google Classroom on the internet, click the first link. 

Step Two: Type your username in along with -> your email will look similar to this ->

Step Three: Click next and enter your password e.g. house48

Step Four: You will have reached the class homepage 'Kingfishers' 

If you need support with Google classroom, please go through the powerpoint below or click on the Google classroom image to take you to a video explaining how to log in and more.

*We will still be using seesaw to post all of your child's work - google classroom will be used only for live video communication*

I can't wait to speak to you all on Monday. Have a great weekend,

Miss Percival

File icon: pdf [579509]parentcarer-guide-to-google-classrooms.pdf [pdf 3MB] Click to download

Thursday 28th January 2021

Good morning Kingfishers,

Have you ever wondered what an Artic winter is like? It's pretty dark and chilly and they only have a few minuets of day light everyday! If you would like to find out more then watch the CBBC newsround clip here:

Thank you for all of you super work on Seesaw, I saw some brilliant tree and flower designs for our science!

Happy Learning!


Miss Percival

Wednesday 27th January 2021

Good morning Kingfishers!

You are making me such a proud teacher with all of the brilliant work that you have posted on Seesaw! Today I would like to set you a little challenge. I would like you to try and learn something new. You could learn how to say hello in another language, learning a new dance move or even learn to make a new tasty snack. 

Try to share your new skills with me on Seesaw. Have a brilliant day!

Miss Percival

Tuesday 26th January 2021

Good morning!

It was brilliant seeing all of the lovely photos of you having lots of fun in the snow. Thank you for sharing them with me!

Today, I thought I would share some happy news It features some pandas and polar bears having lots of fun on the snow top.

Keep up all your amazing work and don't forget to check seesaw for today's lesson.

Have a great day,

Miss Percival

Monday 25th January 2021

Happy Monday Kingfishers class!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Did you enjoy the snow on Sunday? I would love to hear about all the fun you had this weekend on Seesaw. Your timetable for the week is uploaded above, so make sure you check out the lessons for this week and keep an eye out for your daily bonus lesson from myself, Miss Good and Miss Pike!

Have a great day,

Miss Percival

Friday 22nd January 2021

It's Friday! I hope you have had a fantastic week of learning.

I am a very proud teacher - well done to you all. 

I thought I would share with you some news about our planet - have a look here:  and see what you think! 

Have a fantastic weekend, 

Miss Percival.


Thursday 21st January 2021

Hello Year 2!

I hope you are all doing okay. Everyone at St Mary's is so proud of everything you are doing. Keep up the hard work - you are doing brilliantly!

Here is a joke to make you smile:
Q: Why did the man run around his bed? 
Because he was trying to catch up on his sleep!

Have a fantastic day,

Miss Percival  :)

Wednesday 20th January 2021

Hello Kingfishers! How are you all today?

I hope you enjoy the joke in our picture today - it made me smile!

Have a look at today's happy news here:

It features a 15 foot snowman looks like, some happy dogs and one dog that's taken to cuddling cats! I hope you enjoy it :)

Miss Percival.

Tuesday 19th January 2021

Good morning Kingfishers!

I hope you and your families are well. It was so lovely to hear your fantastic responses to all of our lessons yesterday - well done :) Remember to always try your best and stay positive. It can be really hard sometimes but I think you are all doing an amazing job.

I hope you have a lovely Tuesday - don't forget to look for my morning message on Seesaw!

Miss Percival :)

Monday 18th January 2021

Happy Monday Year 2! I hope you had a wonderful weekend with your families, even if the weather wasn't brilliant! 

I hope you are looking forward to another week of home learning - we will soon start our new topic in English :)

Don't forget - every day this week, I will post you a special morning message on SeeSaw. This week, I will also record a Book Talk lesson for you to join in with every day! I hope you will enjoy it.

Have a great Monday,

Miss Percival :)

Friday 15th January 2021

Hi Year 2,

It’s the end of the week! I hope that you have had a great week of learning. Today, why not try and join in with Joe Wicks’ PE lesson? Have a go using the link on our weekly timetable.

The answer to yesterday’s riddle is ‘your age!’

Here is our final riddle of the week – I will give you the answer on Monday.

What answer can you never answer yes to?

Have a wonderful weekend – Miss Percival. ?

Thursday 14th January 2021

Hola Year 2! Happy Thursday. I hope that you and your families are all well. Don’t forget to go onto SeeSaw to share in our storytime today. I hope you all enjoy it.

How did you find solving yesterday’s riddle? The answer is ‘a cold!’ The answer made me smile J

Here is today’s riddle - What goes up but never comes back down?

Have a great day – Miss Percival

Wednesday 13th January 2021

Happy Wednesday Year 2!

I hope you’ve had a good week so far and have been exercising your brain. Here are a list of 5 things we can look forward to in 2021 – I wonder if there are any special events happening in your life in 2021.

Here is the answer to yesterday’s riddle – An envelope!

Good luck trying to solve today’s riddle: What can you catch but not throw?

Have a great day – Miss Percival

Tuesday 12th January 2021

Hello Year 2! How are you this morning? I’m really enjoying all of your videos and messages on SeeSaw. It is so lovely to see all of your faces!

Did you manage to solve yesterday’s riddle? The answer is – a clock!

Here is today’s riddle for you to try and solve: What word begins and ends with an E but only has one letter?

Good luck! Miss Percival

Monday 11th January 2021

Good Morning Kingfishers! 

I hope that you had a fantastic weekend! 

Firstly, I would like to say a massive thank you to you and to your parents for all of your hard work last week.

This week we will be moving more of our work onto SeeSaw. Thank you to everyone who has already been completing the activities set. It has been lovely to hear your voices!  If you haven't used SeeSaw yet please ensure that you can log on as it is where you will need to go to complete your activities. 

From now, we will ask you to submit around three pieces of work a day. Above, you can find the overview for this weeks learning. I understand that it sometimes it can be hard to complete everything so please try your best and aim for a Maths, English and Book Talk/Topic lesson each day. if you have any issues with this, please let me know.

I am also very excited to announce that I will be filming a Story Time for you to watch later this week, so keep an eye out for that! 

Last week, I gave you an interesting fact every day. This week, I am going to give you a riddle to solve. You could upload your answers to SeeSaw. Riddles are also a type of puzzle as they require a lot of thought and have, more often than not, an answer that you did not expect.

Here is today’s riddle - What has a face and two hands but no arms or legs?

I will continue to write a message to you on here, so continue to check in each day! 

I am missing seeing all of your smiling faces - have a great day! 

Miss Percival :)

Friday 8th January 2021

Happy Friday Year 2! I hope you have had a good week. 

I've been rewarding coins to the children who have been using Sumdog for Grammar, Spelling & Maths. Remember to have a go at all three! I'm glad to see that you are all trying your best.

It's time for our last interesting fact of the week - Did you know your heart is about the same size as your fist?

I hope you have a great weekend - remember to keep sharing a smile :)

Miss Percival



Today you are going to be learning all about past tense verbs. Remember a verb is an action - if you can do it then your word is a verb. Some examples of verbs include running, walking and talking!  Can you remember what we add on to a verb to make it past tense?

Check out today’s lesson to find out here or click on the picture above. 


In today's lesson, you will be using your learning from yesterday and you will be learning about what multiplication is. Click onto the lesson here or click on the picture above and watch 'Lesson 4 - Multiplication using the x symbol'. Then, you can complete the worksheet attached on SeeSaw.

Book Talk

Today, I would like you to log onto Reading Wise and have a go at practising your phonics and high frequency words. You can log in through Wonde or use the Reading Wise log on that was sent home. You can click here or on the picture above. 


Today, you will be starting our first lesson on our new unit called 'Oceans and Seas'. Today, we will be learning about the 5 oceans on our earth and the location of them in relation to the 7 continents. We will be ordering them in size and discussing why the oceans are always in motion. In this lesson you will need a pencil, a piece of paper or an exercise book and your wonderful brain. Click here for your lesson today or on the picture above. 

Thursday 7th January 2021

Hello Year 2!

How are you? I hope you and your families are well. I thought I'd share one of my favourite stories with you today. It's called 'Shark in the Park' by Nick Sharratt. You can read it here: I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do :)

Don't forget - you should have been emailed a password for SeeSaw. I've really enjoyed seeing your work and I hope you like taking part in the activities! 

Here is today's interesting fact - There are over 500 species of shark! 

Have a great day - Miss Percival.

File icon: pdf Penguins Comprehension.pdf [pdf 126KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Add Equal Groups.pdf [pdf 1MB] Click to download


Today, your main character is having a bit of a problem. How do you think your character is feeling? How might they act when they are feeling this way? What might they be thinking?

This lesson will help you to plan an amazing problem for your story. Remember you can always share your work with me - I love seeing what you have done! Click here for today's English lesson or click on the picture above. 


In today's lesson, you will be using your learning from yesterday and you will be adding equal groups. Click onto the lesson here or click on the picture above and watch 'Lesson 3 - Add equal groups'. Then, you can complete the worksheet attached above.

Book Talk

Last term, we were learning all about penguins and we really enjoyed that! So today, I have given you a comprehension all about penguins, attached above. Can you read all of the information and answer the questions? Remember to use a full sentence. 



In this lesson, we are going to be planting kidney beans. You will need soil, stones, a pot and a kidney bean but if you do not have these resources available, you can watch Miss Harris plant a bean. We will be looking at what a seed needs to be able to grow into a healthy plant. Click here for today's lesson or on the picture above. 

Wednesday 6th January 2021

Good Morning Year 2 :)

Today is very special day as it is Epiphany. Epiphany celebrates the day that the three Wise Men went to visit Jesus. Can you remember what gifts they gave him? What gift would you have brought Jesus? Don't forget to take part in our daily prayers - you can click here to access them. 

I hope that you enjoyed your learning yesterday. Take a look below to find out what you will be learning today!

Here is today's interesting fact - In some European countries, children leave out their shoes the night before Epiphany to be filled with gifts, whilst other children leave out straw and water for the 3 Kings' camels. 

Have a wonderful day - Miss Percival. 

File icon: pdf Make Equal Groups.pdf [pdf 2MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Dilly and the Three Monsters.pdf [pdf 672KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf RE - Lesson 1 Home Learning.pdf [pdf 197KB] Click to download


Today you are going to create your own story map for Jack and the Beanstalk.  You are so good at learning these in class. I would love if you could send me your story map creations. Maybe you could record yourself performing your story or perform it to your mum, dad or even your pet! Check out the lesson here or by clicking on the picture above.  


In today's lesson, you will be using your learning from yesterday and you will be making equal groups. Click onto the lesson here or click on the picture above and watch 'Lesson 2 - Make equal groups'. Then, you can complete the worksheet attached above.

Book Talk

Above, I have attached the story of 'Dilly and the 3 monsters'. I'd like you to read the story and then have a go at answering the questions. You can use a coloured pencil to help you find the information. You can do it! 


This term, we are starting our new topic - 'Local Church'. We'd like you to read the story attached about Joe and his Grandma with your adult and then answer these questions:

  • What do Joe and Tim like to do at Grandma and Grandad’s?
  • Who are the people in the photographs?
  • Who are the special people Joe tells you about?
  • Can you think of some other people who may have been special for Grandma?

Then, using the sheet attached above, can you think of someone who is special to you and draw them? Can you write down why they are special to you?

Tuesday 5th January 2021

Good morning Year 2! How are you all? I hope you are well and managed to make a start on yesterday's home learning. It feels very strange not to be seeing you all again, but it is so important we stay safe and well. 

I thought it might be nice to share an interesting fact with you every day this week! Here is today's fact: Every step you take uses 200 different muscles in the body! .

For our home learning, we will be using the Oak Academy. Each day, we will take part in an English and a Maths lesson. We'll also do Book Talk every day, plus a topic lesson. 

Here are today's lessons: 

English - First, I'd like you to watch the story of Jack & The Beanstalk here. In today's lesson, you will be using the story of Jack to come up with ideas for your own story. Maybe  You will need a pencil and a piece of paper. Click here to watch today's lesson. 

Maths - This week, we will be learning all about multiplication. In today's lesson, we will be learning what 'equal' and 'unequal' means and recognising different groups. Click onto the lesson here and watch Lesson 1 - Recognise equal groups'. Then, you can complete the worksheet attached below.

Book Talk - I'd like you to log onto Bug Club and read one of your chosen books. Don't forget to click on the bugs to answer the questions! 

PSHE - Today, you will be learning about what it means to be a 'health hero!' You will learn all about physical activity, rest, healthy eating and dental health and why these things are so important to everyone. Click here for your PSHE lesson today. 

File icon: pdf Recognise Equal Groups.pdf [pdf 1MB] Click to download

Monday 4th January 2021

Happy New Year to you all and your families! Sadly, we will not be seeing each other at school for the next two weeks due to the Coronavirus. However, it is really important that we all stay safe during this time. Whilst you are at home, I will be posting all of your learning on our class page, so remember to check the website every morning. Remember to try your best and complete as much as you can - it's really important to keep learning and give our brains a work out :)

Below is today's work:

English - Normally if we were at school, I'd get to hear about all of the fun things you did during the holidays with your family. I've attached a report for you to write all about your holidays. Try to use exciting words such as during, soon, afterwards and later. Don't forget to use your brilliant handwriting - show your adult how beautifully you can write!

Maths - Today, I'd like you to have a go at working through the worksheet attached on addition & subtraction. This will help you to remember some of our learning before the holidays. Try to show your working how we would in class - you can use the box method. There might be some secret and sneaky tens! 

Book Talk - I've set you a quiz on Cracking Comprehension. Log on here and read the story Dolphin Boy by Micheal Morpurgo and then answer the questions.

Topic - At the beginning of every new year, people normally make something called a 'resolution'. This is normally a goal or a promise to keep during 2021. I'd like you to think about what you would like to achieve this year - it could be to make your bed everyday, or to try to do one nice thing for a different person each day. I've attached a sheet below to help you :)

File icon: docx Christmas Holiday Writing Report.docx [docx 2MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Addition & Subtraction Revision.pdf [pdf 656KB] Click to download
File icon: docx New Years Resolutions.docx [docx 696KB] Click to download

Curriculum Newsletter & Welcome Meeting

Dear Parents & Carers,

Please find our Year 2 curriculum newsletter attached below. This will give you an insight into what we are learning in class and how you can support your child throughout this half term. I have also added this term's RE newsletter.

Attached below are the slides for our 'Welcome to Year 2' meeting. Thank you to all of those who 'attended'. I hope you found it informative. 

Miss Percival.

File icon: pdf Year 2 Curriculum Newsletter.pdf [pdf 310KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf RE Newsletter - Autumn 2020.pdf [pdf 708KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf SMA Welcome Meeting Year 2.pdf [pdf 312KB] Click to download

Friday 18th December

Happy holidays Year 2!

I am so proud of all of you. You have all made so much progress since we started in September and I couldn't ask for anything more. I am a very happy teacher :)

Thank you to you and all of your families for all the hard work you have put into this term. I hope you have a happy and holy Christmas and stay safe with your family. I hope you all enjoy watching yourselves in the Nativity with your families - you were amazing! 

Have a fantastic break,

Miss Percival :) 

Friday 11th December

Wow Kingfishers - what a fantastic week we have had!

I am so so so proud of you and your brilliant performance in our Nativity. You were all terrific and should be very proud of yourself. I can't wait until we get to see the final version in class :)

Alongside our Nativity, we've had a really busy week. We completed our reading and maths assessments and even went on a virtual school trip to Chester Zoo!

Thank you so much for your pasta donations for our 'Reverse Advent Calendar'. North Paddington foodbank came to collect our donations and were blown away by how much we donated!

Don't forget - this Tuesday is Christmas Jumper Day for Save the Children. Wear your Christmas jumper and don't forget to bring £1!

Miss Percival.

Friday 4th December

Happy Friday Year 2! It's the first week of Advent and we have been learning all about the Advent Wreath. Do you have one at home? 

In English, we've learnt the story map for 'The Polar Express'. We also sequenced the story and tried to use exciting sentence openers. In Maths, we finished our money topic. Don't forget to keep revising this at home though! In maths, we have also been revising our prior learning of place value and addition & subtraction. It's important we don't forget methods we have already learnt :) In Science, we have learnt what 'climate change' means and some ways we can help our planet. In Book Talk, we have been working really hard to read a text and try and answer questions, using our VIPERS skills. You can learn more about these here: 

This weekend, all your homework is online! I have set you a new task on Cracking Comprehension. 

Exciting news - We now also have Sumdog for spelling and grammar, as well as maths! There is a challenge or task for you to have a go at on each unit. I'll check how you all got on in school on Monday.  Good luck! 

DON'T FORGET - We need our Nativity Costumes! Please bring them in as soon as you can. If you have any questions, please phone the office. We are also collecting pasta for our reverse Advent Calendar. We have recieved some donations already - thank you so much :)

Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Percival. 

Friday 27th November

Happy Friday Year 2!

We have been really busy in class this week - we've started our new topic in English 'The Polar Express'. To celebrate this, we designed a set of pajamas that we would wear to the Polar Express!

We've been working hard on our money topic in maths. This week, we have been learning to add coins together, to make the same amount using different coins and learning how to find the total of amounts. Whew! In RE, we've thought about what 'prepare' means and the different ways in which we all prepare. 

Finally, all of you have been working very hard trying to learn your Nativity lines. Keep practising over the weekend - we haven't got long until our final performance :)

On BugClub, I've set your a SPaG activity on Homophones to have a go at. I've also given you some phonic homework and some money problem solving to try. Good luck!

Miss Percival. 


File icon: pdf Noun Hunt Activity.pdf [pdf 131KB] Click to download


Your child has been given their home spelling book. There is no need to bring this book back into school for the time being.

Please encourage your children to learn the words and try to put them into some sentences. It's important to practise which ever way suits your child best.

We will then test the children every Wednesday in their school spelling book. New words will be sent home weekly.

Your child has taken home a paper copy of their spellings - we have also attached a copy below. 

Many thanks,

Miss Percival. 

File icon: pdf Spelling Practise Chart.pdf [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Autumn Week 2 - Evil E.pdf [pdf 224KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Autumn Week 3 - Ew & Ue Words.pdf [pdf 198KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Autumn Week 4 - Dge & Ge Words.pdf [pdf 198KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Week 5 - Soft G & J Words.pdf [pdf 199KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Autumn Week 6 - Soft C.pdf [pdf 211KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Autumn Week 6 - Silent 'G' & 'K'.pdf [pdf 225KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Autumn Week 7- Homophones.pdf [pdf 223KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Autumn Week 8 - Silent W.pdf [pdf 228KB] Click to download

Friday 20th November

Hello Year 2!

We've had another great week in class. In RE, we have been learning about Judaism and the celebration of Shabbat. We then used our 5 senses to describe what happens during Shabbat.

In English this week, we have been very busy writing our non-chronological reports all about penguins! I am very proud of all your writing this week. In Maths, we have been learning all about money! We've been learning about coins and notes and how to add pounds and pence together. See if you can practise this at home.

On Friday afternoon, we read the story 'Have you filled a bucket today?' It is such a wonderful book. We talked about how we can be 'bucket fillers' and not 'bucket dippers'. How can you be a bucket filler at home and school?

For homework this weekend, I would like you to research an animal that lives in the Arctic or Antarctica. We will then use this information to write an informative poster all about this animal.
You can choose from:

  • A polar bear;
  • An arctic fox;
  • A husky.

Happy researching!

Don’t forget to keep practising your Nativity lines – I can’t wait to hear you after the weekend! You've also been given a paper copy of your maths and english homework this week.

See you on Monday, 

Miss Percival.

Friday 13th November 2020

Hi Year 2!

What a busy week we have had. In RE, we finished our 'Baptism' topic - you are all so knowledgeable! In Maths, we have been focusing on taking away 2 digit numbers from 2 digit numbers. Don't forget to look for those sneaky tens in your homework this week :)

In English, we have been learning all about non-fiction and fiction. We have written our own captions and classified texts. We have also been revising our phonic Phase 5 sounds - why don't you practise reading some of those words here:

We've also been extremely busy learning all about Artic animals! Can you impress your parents with some animal facts?

This week, I've given you subtraction homework, some phonic sounds and SPaG on the past tense. If you go onto Cracking Comprehension, I've also given you a non-fiction text to have a go at. 

Have a lovely weekend and I'll see you on Monday,

Miss Percival :)


Friday 6th November 2020

Happy weekend Year 2!

What a busy first week back we've had. This week, something very strange happened in Class F... we were visited by a very surprising animal! We had to use our inference skills to try and work out who it was that came to visit. Don't forget to tell your parents and carers all about it!

In Maths this week, we've been concentrating on adding 2 numbers together, crossing 10. We need to find the secret 10! We've also been looking at different polar regions in Science and developing our understanding of the role of Godparents in Baptism. 

This weekend, I've given you a paper copy of your homework. This week, you've also recieved log ins for Wonde and Sumdog. Have a go at logging in - I've already rewarded some of you with some gold coins on Sumdog!

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Friday 23rd October 

Happy Friday Year 2! This Friday is extra special because it's now half term! I want to say how proud I am of you all. You are all trying your best and impressing me everyday with how much you are learning. A big well done to you and your adults!

Even though it's the last week of Autumn 1, we have achieved so much! In maths, we've been practising counting in 10's from any number. For example, 7, 17, 27, 37 e.t.c. We have then been adding and subtracting two digit numbers by drawing tens and ones. Can you have a go at 60 + 23?

In English, we have been identifying rhyme, planned a winter poem and then used this to write our own winter poem! We've also role played a Baptism and learnt about the signs and symbols used in a Baptism. On top of all of that, we completed our leaf experiment in science and have been practising our comprehension skills in Book Talk this week. WOW!!


This week, I have given you a English homework all about compound words. I've also given you a maths sheet to practise adding multiples of 10.

Below, there is also an extension attached for both activities if you would like some extra practise!

Exciting news: Today, your child has taken home a login for cracking comprehension. This is a programme we use in class and we love it! I have set you each a practise quiz to do over half term. Parents/Carers - please don't forget to take a photo of your child's login in case you lose it! 

Have a wonderful half term - remember to stay safe and enjoy yourself. 

Miss Percival.


File icon: pdf Adding 10 to 2 Digit Numbers.pdf [pdf 37KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Compound Words Wordsearch.pdf [pdf 2MB] Click to download

Friday 16th October 

Happy weekend Year 2! We've had a really busy week. We've been learning lots of different things in English this week - expanded noun phrases, alliteration and lots of new vocabulary!

In maths, we've been using our number bonds to 20 to find related facts to 100. We've also been learning about fact families and how to use the inverse. We've also retold the story of Jesus and the children and learnt all about Ruby Bridges. Phew!

This week, I've given you some maths and english homework as a hard copy. Try to read the words out loud by yourself. Remember to spot your digraphs and trigraphs as this really helps us when we read. Don't forget to keep learning your spelling words - it is making such a different to your writing! 

If you would like an extra homework challenge this weekend October is the start of Black History Month. Miss Good has organised a writing competition to celebrate. To take part you will need to write an 150-200 word review of your favourite book by a Black author OR a piece of fabulous writing answering this question: “Who is your favourite Black author and why?” The winning entry will be given a bundle of books by Black authors for our school. Good luck! This can be emailed to the office if you'd like to take part. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend and I will see you on Monday, ready for a new week of learning!

Friday 9th October

Happy Friday Year 2! I hope you've had a wonderful week - I know I have been a very proud teacher this week :)

We've learnt so much this week - we've been revising our number bonds to 20, learning what compound words are, thought about how we can do one nice thing for someone else and we've made some fantastic autumn art! If that wasn't enough, you ran a mini marathon in PE! Wow :)

Mental Health Day:

On Thursday, Mrs Waine led an assembly based on Mental Health Day. We looked at all the ways we can look after our mental health. Mrs Waine would like children to do one nice thing for someone else this week. She would also love to see one thing that would help them feel calm and ready to learn. You could send a picture to of your child's activities.


We have been revising our bonds to 20. Have a go at playing this game and see how fast you can hit the button!

In English, we have been trying to spot our digraphs and trigraphs before we read a word. Have a go at 'Trash or Treasure' - we love playing this game in class!

We've also been saying the Rosary in class each day and reflecting on the different parts of Mary's life. Download the booklet below all about the Joyful Mysteries. Can you read each story and colour in the pictures?


File icon: pdf Joyful Mysteries.pdf [pdf 4MB] Click to download

Friday 2nd October

Wow Year 2 - I just wanted to say how proud of you I am this week. You have all worked really hard and you all were fantastic performing our poem 'It's raining hearts' to the whole school during our special poetry assembly :)


I'd like you to have a go at the 'Toast' comprehension posted below. Try to read it aloud by yourself - don't forget to spot your digraphs and trigraphs! If you have a printer, you could print it and write the answers on the sheet. If not, you could use a homework book. Don't forget to use your beautiful handwriting! 

In maths, we have been revising counting in 2's. 5's and 10's. Have a go at the worksheet below or try counting aloud forwards and backwards in multiples. Good luck! 

Reminder from Mrs Hough: 

This year you are able to purchase books online from the scholastic website. Scholastic Book Club offer hundreds of children’s books at fantastic discounts. From beloved classics to the latest bestsellers, there are books to get every child excited about reading.

Please use this link:  to browse the latest books and order online. For every £1 you spend on this month’s Book Club, our school will earn 20p in Scholastic Rewards.

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Please place your order online by October 9th, 2020 for it to be delivered to school. 

Happy Shopping :)

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Friday 25th September 

Wow Year 2! What a busy week we've had. I am so very proud of all your hard work :)

In English, we have been enjoying writing parts of  our 'After the Fall' stories. In Maths, we've been partitioning tens and ones in different ways and in Science we went on a weather walk! And that's just a tiny bit of what we've been doing! 

Mrs Hough also led a special assembly about National Poetry Day. To prepare for our assembly, I'd like you to learn the attached poem below. Try to use lots of expression in your voice to get ready for our performance!

Don't forget to go on BugClub and Mathletics as well. Some of you have been getting Mathletic certificates. There are also lots of fun games for you to play on BugClub. Have a go at trying the quizzes after you have finished reading your book. 

Finally - keep practising your spelling words! We've been working really hard on our handwriting in class - see if you can impress your adult at home :)

Have a great weekend Year 2!

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