Friday 18th September 2020

Good afternoon Larks, 

What another great week we have had at school. In English this week we learnt more about of the story of After the Fall through our text map and that nouns are names of people, places and things. In Maths we found one more and one less than a given number and whether a number is greater than, less than or equal to another number. In RE we learnt about how God created the world through the Creation Story and used our senses to observe the weather in Science. Finally, we travelled around Europe in our Geography lesson. Phew! What a week! 

This week we have been recapping phase 2 and 3 phonic sounds. To continue your learning at home I have put some games on Bug Club which you can access through the logins I sent home earlier this week. 

To practise your Maths try to compare numbers using the terms greater than, less than or equal to. You can do this by comparing physical objects, for example, the amount of toys I have is greater than the amount you have, or by writing numerals and comparing them (a really engaging way to do this is by using Top Trumps cards!)

Have a fantastic weekend! 

Miss Pike


Good Afternoon Lark class!

I hope you have enjoyed your first week back at school in Year 1! I have really enjoyed teaching and getting to know you all. You have all worked so hard this week and should be very proud of yourselves! 

Did you know that our class is named after a bird? This weekend can you find out one fun fact about larks? (No need to bring in anything for this into school, just your fun fact).

You can also log on to your bug club to practice your reading online. Check out the link here: (

If you would like to practice your maths this week we have been learning about counting forwards and backwards to 10.

I am looking forward to seeing you all again on Monday and hearing all of your fun bird facts!

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Pike :)

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