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Each day I will write you a message. I am thinking of you all and hope you are

enjoying the activities that are on here. 

I've added a timetable for you to follow (just like we do at school). 


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Friday, 5th June

Good Morning

It was lovely to talk to some of you yesterday and to see how well you are all getting on. Nursery If you have entered our school's 'Self-portrait' competition, please make sure that you also check out the Art Competition section on the website to see if you can find your work? I have also entered a portrait in the competition, can you guess which one is mine? The competition closes on Friday 5th June, so you still have time to enter, good luck to all of you.

Have a lovely weekend.

Click here to go to today's Oak Academy lessons - Week 5


I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s lesson did you use your imagination to build your favourite mode of transport. Did you use Lego, Duplo or maybe some recycling materials? Don’t forget to send in your pictures for me to see.

Transport Model

In today's lesson we are going to be thinking about different modes of transport, then we are going to have a go at creating our own aeroplane! Where is your aeroplane going to fly?


Did you recognise yesterday’s sound ‘Z’ and did you think of many sounds that begin or end with Z, for example buzz, zoo etc.

Did you act out the story of Jack and the beanstalk or maybe you tried to write some words from the story.

Jack and The Beanstalk: Story Writing (Part 2)

In this lesson, we will imagine what we would like to find at the top of the beanstalk. Then we will finish writing the story. If you're feeling creative, you could turn your story into a book by illustrating it after the lesson.



Do you know the story - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? You can read the story below with your adult. I have also attached pictures of the 7 dwarfs that you could make stick puppets of the 7 dwarfs and practice counting them all. Don't worry if you can't print the pictures, you could try drawing your own instead.  Do you know what number comes after 7? 

File icon: pdf Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Stick Puppets [pdf 2MB] Click to download
File icon: ppt t-t-5383-snow-white-and-the-seven-dwarfs-story-powerpoint-_ver_5 [ppt 24MB] Click to download

Summer Reading Challenge 

This year, Silly Squad, the Summer Reading Challenge 2020, will celebrate funny books, happiness and laughter. Children taking part in the Challenge will join the Silly Squad, an adventurous team of animals who love to have a laugh and get stuck in to all different kinds of funny books! 

The digital Challenge will be free to access, featuring games, quizzes and digital and downloadable activities to incentivise and encourage children and their families to take part in treading related activities at home.  Click on the picture to go to the link.

Thursday, 4th June 

Good Morning Nursery and welcome to Thursday.

Did you know today is National Cheese Day? If you want to celebrate National Cheese Day, then all you have to do is enjoy cheese in one of its many forms. You can have a cheese sandwich, or maybe just some cheese ravioli. Maybe some of you might prefer some cheese on crackers, or a cheese pizza? Which is one of my favourites.

Here are some cheesy jokes for you

What do you call a dinosaur made of cheese?             

What does cheese say to itself in the mirror?
Looking Gouda

Why did Lewis Hamilton have too much cheese?
Because he won the Grand Brie!

Have a lovely day

Oak Academy - week 5



Yesterday’s lesson about being different modes of transport was really enjoyable. Did you join in with the actions and the song, what is your favourite mode of travel? I think mine would be driving along in a Ferrari.

Construct a vehicle

In today's lesson, we are going to be thinking about the different vehicles that we use to travel from one place to another. We will use construction resources to construct a representation of our chosen vehicle.


Yesterday’s lesson was all about drawing the story map of “Jack and the beanstalk,” maybe you chose to just tell the story to your Teddy bear, if  so I hope Teddy enjoyed it?

Jack and the Beanstalk: Story Writing (Part 1)

In this lesson, we will act out the story Jack and The Beanstalk. We also begin writing the story, remembering to use the word bank to help us spot tricky words. You can make the lesson easier by practising sounding out one word at a time.


MindUp Activity 

Click on the picture or the link below to go to your "High Five" activity.  


There are 7 days in a week, Lets learn a new song! Click on the picture to watch the video. 

Can you complete the worsheet, You dont have to print it, you can practice writing the number 7 on another piece of paper, and discuss the answers with your adult. 

File icon: pdf MindUp - High-Five [pdf 100KB] Click to download

Wednesday, 3rd June

Good Morning Nursery

Welcome to Wednesday,

Today I have included a video from Sesame Street called monster Meditation, so that you can continue the breathing exercises that you learnt on Monday and Tuesday.

Today's story is “Everybody Worries” and this is a story which you can read together with your family.  The story helps us to understand the problems facing us today.


Have a lovely day.


Oak Academy week 5 




I really enjoyed yesterday’s story “Violet the Pilot” and although she wanted to win the race, she also knew that it was a good thing to be helpful to the scouts. In the story Violet made a fantastic mode of transport, how did you get on designing your own vehicle? I would love to see your pictures.


Transport song

In today's lesson, we are going to be thinking about all of the different ways that we can travel from one place to another. We are going to have a go at being different modes of transport, before putting our actions together with the song A Big Red Bus to finish at the end.



Did you guess who lived at the top of the beanstalk in yesterday’s lesson? Which was your favourite part of the story? How did you decorate your bean stalk, did it have sharp pointy leaves or a curly twisty stem?


Jack and The Beanstalk: Story Map

In this lesson, we will draw a story map to help us remember the key parts of Jack and The Beanstalk. Remember to use your story map to tell your teddy the story so that they can learn it too.


Our new RE topic this half term is Friends of Jesus. Jesus had lots of friends. His closest friends were called his disciples but Jesus was a special friend to children. Jesus gave us all an important rule – that we should love each other. Loving each other is a sign that we are friends of Jesus.

Read the story using the picture to discover what Jesus and his friends did together then answer the questions below:


  • How do we know they are friends?
  • What does the picture tell us about friends?
  • What did Jesus and his friends do? (They worked, told people the Good News of God’s love for everyone, answered questions.)
  • Where did they go when they were tired?
  • What did they do together? (eat, shared experiences, rested)
  • Where do you go when you are tired?
  • Who do you talk to about your experiences of the day?  e.g. what has gone well/what has not.
  • Where do you go to be quiet and still?


  • Draw a picture of your friend, put friendship words (e.g. loving, kind, caring, sharing etc), around your picture and talk about what you like about your friend and what you do together.
  • Write a letter to Jesus asking him to help them be a good friend.


File icon: pdf Gods Story 2 [pdf 523KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Gods Story 2 [pdf 523KB] Click to download

Story Time


Today's story is about understanding our worries. Everybody Worries is a bright and friendly picture book, where you can learn that it’s okay to worry about coronavirus.

Everybody Worries gives us a message that things will pass! Always remember we are there for you and we will get through this together!


Click on the links below to access the story and Sesame street.



Counting to 7

Today you coukd use buttons or cut out circles to create a apple tree. Remember to count out 7 apples and 7 leaves.


Counting carrots

You can cut out traingles and practice your sissor skills. Then put on some green leaves at the top of your carrots. You can even practice writing your numbers on your carrots.

Tuesday, 2nd June

Good Morning Nursery

As the weather has been so warm, I thought I would make some snacks that are yummy and healthy. Why don’t you try making the recipe that I have added below with an adult? Keeping with the theme “rockets,” try to join in with the song “5 little men in a flying saucer” using the link below.


Oak Academy - week 5



How are you feeling today, do you feel like one of the animals in yesterday’s story? Don’t forget that when we feel strong emotions, we can use our breathing to calm ourselves. I really liked all the different techniques that we learnt to make ourselves feel calm, particularly the finger breathing technique. What was your favourite technique?.


In today's lesson, Miss Hughes needs your help. Help her to get to the supermarket by choosing a mode of transport for her to travel on. After the lesson, it will be your turn to design some transport of your own.



Did you guess yesterday’s story from the clues that Miss Hughes gave you? It was Jack and the beanstalk. If you didn’t manage to plant your seed yesterday you still have time and you could use an empty carton if you don’t have a plant pot. Don’t forget to use the pips from your apples and oranges, or you could just draw a picture of how to plant a seed.

Jack and The Beanstalk

In this lesson, we will listen to the story Jack and the Beanstalk. We will design our own beanstalk and think about what it looks like. Maybe after the lesson, you can make a giant beanstalk in your home by painting or junk modelling.

Have a lovely day.

Frozen Fruity Yoghurt Bites


  • 200 g Yoghurt of your choice (we used natural yoghurt)
  • Handful of fresh raspberries
  • Handful of fresh blueberries


  1. Gather together your ingredients.  Lay out approximately 12 cupcake cases or silicone muffin cups on a small baking sheet or tray (this will need to fit in your freezer, so it may be worth checking it for size before you start).
  2. Using a spoon, dollop some yoghurt into the bottom of each cake case until all the yoghurt has gone.
  3. Pop a few pieces of fruit into each cup, pressing them down into the yoghurt with the tip of your finger. Small Child decided to make funny faces with his fruit, but you can put them in any way you'd like.
  4. Place the cups (still on the baking tray) into the freezer and leave to freeze for a couple of hours until set solid.
  5. Once frozen through, remove from the cases and serve (or bag up and pop straight back in the freezer to later).

Numberblock 7

Meet Numberblock 7. We make Numberblock 7 when we add 6 and 1. Click on the image to take you to todays video.

Numberblock 7 is made up of all the other numberblock colours, like a rainbow.

Get children to draw the colours of the rainbow and count them out with you.

Monday, 1st June

Good Morning Nursery

I hope you all enjoyed your half term break and the sunshine. Welcome back to the summer term. We will be carrying on with Oak learning Week 5 and Number blocks. Did you watch the launch of the Rocket Falcon 9 on Saturday were you lucky enough to see it in the sky? How about having a go at making your own rocket? The challenge today is to see how far you can count backwards to launch your rocket 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 lift off. Maybe you can use a larger number to count back from.

Enjoy your day.

Oak Academy- week 5




In today's lesson, we are going to be thinking about different emotions and how they make us feel and behave. We will learn some calming breaths to help us during times of heightened emotion.


Plant a Seed

This week we will learn the story Jack and The Beanstalk. We begin the week by following instructions to plant a seed. I wonder if your plant will grow into a plant as big as Jack’s?!


Build a rocket

Here’s how to build it:

1. Collect your supplies

To build a homemade rocket ship you’ll need:

  • A plastic 2-litre pop bottle, empty and rinsed out, with the label removed
  • Tape
  • Poster paint in various colours
  • Scissors
  • A cardboard box, cut into squares
  • A toilet roll tube
  • A narrower, thicker cardboard tube (such as a cling film or wrapping paper tube)
  • Tin foil
  • Coloured crepe paper
  • A selection of coloured beads
  • A marker pen
  • A glue stick


Today I would like you to practice counting from 1-5.

I would like you to practice your number formation for 0-5. I would also like you to draw an animal for each number.

Friday, 22nd May

Welcome to Friday and the end of the week, next week will be half term, I think you have all been working very hard so why not make next week a creative week? You could paint, draw, make things or go for walks to observe all the beautiful things around you in nature. Our topic after half term will be “What a wonderful world,” this will give us a chance to look at nature and saving the planet

Have a lovely half term, I can’t wait to hear about all the wonderful things you have done.

English - Hansel and Gretel: Story Writing (Part 2)

In yesterday’s lesson did you try acting out the story of Hansel and Gretal? Who did you do it in front of? Was it your favourite toy or was it some members of your family and did you use actions to tell the story?

Hansel and Gretel: Story Writing (Part 2)

In this lesson, we construct a sweet house, including the sweet we designed in Lesson One. Story writers will complete their story with Miss Hughes, making sure to remember finger spaces.

Click on the picture to go to the lesson.  


Foundation - My Rainforest 

Yesterday’s lesson was all about making a mini beast, you have already shown me how clever you have with those lovely pictures you have sent in. I also liked all those things that you made at home using junk modelling, duplo, stickle bricks etc. We would love to see your mini beast constructions, did you guess what the mini beast Miss Hughes made was?

Foundtion My Rainforest

In today's lesson, we are going to think about some of the things that we learnt about in Wednesday's lesson all about rainforest habitats and animals. Then, we are going to use our knowledge about rainforests to make our own mini rainforests from a glass or plastic jar and some outdoor items.


Today we are going to make a 6 piece pizza out of 2 paper plates, if you don't have paper plates you can use 2 round pieces of paper.  Use a marker to divide both paper plates into 6 parts.  On the one paper plate write the numbers 1-6 on each piece of pizza.  You can then cut the second paper plate into 6 parts.  Then you could either use stickers or draw, your favorite pizza topping. Put 1 topping on the first piece, 2 toppings on the second piece, 3 toppings on the third piece, 4 toppings on the fourth piece, 5 toppings on the fith piece and 6 toppings on the sith piece.  Finally, you can match the correct amount of toppings with the correct number on the other paper plate.  

Thursday, 21 May 

Good Morning Nursery,

Today I am going to do my self portrait for the competition. Don’t forget all the entries have to be submitted by tomorrow, you can use various materials to design and make your very own self portrait. I look forward to seeing them.


Have a good day.

File icon: pdf Self_portrait_competition [pdf 1MB] Click to download

Hansel and Gretel: Story Writing (Part 1)

Did you recognise the new sound today? The letter is at the beginning of jam, juice and jug, I bet you did. You are getting very good at reading words using your sounds.

Did you make a story map of Hansel and Gretal, or maybe you just acted out the story with your teddy? Don’t forget to send in pictures of your work we would love to see them.

Hansel and Gretel: Story Writing (Part 1)

In this lesson, we will act out the story of Hansel and Gretel. Writers looking for a challenge will stay and write the first part of the story with Miss Hughes. Remember, it is just as important to be able to tell the story as it is to write it, so practice telling it to your teddies!

Click on the picture to go to he lesson.

Construct a Minibeast

In yesterday’s lesson we learnt all about the rainforests. Did you know that the rainforest was home to millions of animals? Can you remember the names of some of the animals that you learnt about?  Which was your favourite animal, was it the sloth that moves really slowly, or the monkey that jumps through the trees, or the bird that flies to the top of the trees?

Foundation Construct a minibeast

In today's lesson, we will use available resources in order to construct a minibeast.

Click on the picture to go to the lesson.


For today's maths lesson, we are going to make our own number puzzle.  You can first choose a picture that you want to make  your puzzle with - it could be a picture out of a colouring book, or a printed picture, or you could even draw your own picture.  You can then ask your adult to draw lines on you page by dividing the page into 6 equal parts.  Once the lines are drawn you can write the numbers 1-6 (one number goes in each section, like how it is shown in the picture).  You can then cut along the lines or ask an adult to help you.  Then muddle up all the numberes, and then see how fast you can put them in the correct order.  Lastly, you can glue the strips in the correct order on another blank piece of paper, and you can colour it in beautifully.  I would love to see pictures of your amazing work. 

Wednesday, 20th May

Good Morning Nursery and welcome to Wednesday

I hope you are enjoying the warm weather and the sunshine, on your walk today don’t forget to think of the meaning of Pentecost, maybe look at the trees and the flowers and think about what Pentecost really means to you.

I hope you have a lovely day.

File icon: ppt Acts 2_1-4 (Nursery) [ppt 6MB] Click to download

English Hansel and Gretel: Story Map

In yesterday’s phonics lesson did you recognise all the letters? You have become very good at recognising them and I think you are much quicker at finding the letters than toffee the bear.

Did you enjoy the story of Hansel and Gretal, what was your favourite part of the story? Mine was when they found the house of sweets. The villain in the story was the witch, what did your witch would look like?


In today’s lesson, we draw a story map to help us remember Hansel and Gretel. Think carefully about what pictures and words will help you to remember the main parts. After the lesson, you can use the map to tell the story to your teddies.

Foundation Rainforest Animals

Yesterday’s story of the Gruffalo is one of my favourite stories. I really enjoyed listening to it did you? I love the fact that the mouse tricks the Gruffalo into thinking he is scary, what was your favourite part of the story?

We also talked about the meaning of the word habitat, this is where an animal naturally lives. Some animals live in hot places and some prefer colder climates or even live in water. Did you think of any animals that live in different habitats and did you guess the right answers to the quiz.

What habitat did you design for your favourite toy? I would love to see your pictures.

In today's lesson, we will be learning about the rainforest, and what types of animals live there. We will have a go at moving like these animals and try to remember all of the different ways that they move, with a fun rainforest spin the wheel activity at the end!


Pentecost Sunday is on the 31st May. Pentecost is often named ‘the birthday of the church.’ The feast celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is our friend who guides and helps us. We cannot see the wind, but we can feel it. In the same way, we cannot see the Holy Spirit, but we can feel the joy and happiness the Holy Spirit brings to us.

Read the scripture below and then watch the video to find out what this is about! And then maybe you could answer these questions.


  • How do you think the friends of Jesus felt after he went back to his father in heaven?
  • What happened on Pentecost day?
  • What did the friends of Jesus do after the coming of the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit helps us every day and in everything that we do. To help us understand the meaning of the holy spirit and his power we talk about the wind and the air.  To celebrate the coming of the holy spirit you could blow bubbles, make windmills or windchimes or even decorate a picture of a flame to represent the Holy Spirit.


Go on a visit to the shops with a grown-up. Look for some food that comes in sets of 6. For some food that comes in sets of 6. For example, can you find a box of 6 eggs? Can you find a packet of 6 cakes or a pack of 6 yoghurts? Try counting some sets by carefully pointing to each item.

Tuesday, 19th May

Good Morning Nursery and welcome to Tuesday

This morning I was up bright and early to take my dog Nelly for a long walk, it was lovely to see the flowers in bloom and to stroll along the river Thames in the sunshine.

This week is mental Health week. This is where we think about how we feel. Yesterday we thought about feeling worried. 

Today I would like you to look at the MindUp video and think about what acts of kindness you could do today and all week.  https://mindup.org/mindup-lesson-14-performing-acts-kindness/

Have a lovely day

Foundation Habitats

In yesterday’s story poor little Worrysaurus worried about not having enough food and drink. He thought that it could rain, and that he wouldn’t have his wellies. These are all things that could make you feel worried. One good thing is that when you are feeling worried you can develop some strategies to help. Did you make a worry jar and a happiness tin to place your favourite things in?

This week, we will learn about habitats. Today we consider the differences in where animals like to live. After the lesson, you can design a habitat for your own teddy.

English Hansel and Gretel

You’ve become very good with your sounds, did you practice over the weekend like toffee the bear?

Did you guess yesterday’s story?

Did you design your sweets? What did they look and taste like? Did they have magical powers, or were they healthy and full of vitamins? I would love to see your designs.

In today’s lesson, we will listen to the story of Hansel and Gretel. After the story, we will think about the appearance of the wicked witch. You can make her look like my drawing or be as creative as you like designing your own!

Practicing your name

These strips are a great and fun way to practice your name.


Have a look at a dice. You could use one from a board game or make one out of paper. Can you count how many sides it has? Can you find the side that shows six spots? Play a game with a grown-up. Take turns to roll the dice 6 times each, who can roll the most 6s?

Monday, 18th May

Good Morning Nursery

We have another fun packed week for you this week. It was lovely to talk to some of you last week and to hear all the lovely things that you are getting up to. Along with our Oak Academy lesson we will be learning about Pentecost and don’t forget you still have time draw your Marian pictures and make your selfportraits.

Join us today at 10 a.m. for our Monday assembly that can be found on the Catholic Life of the School tab.

Learning our Nursery rhymes is very important. I just love Old McDonald had a farm. Why not watch this today and see if you can join in with the actions.



Have a lovely day.


This week, we will learn about Hansel and Gretel. In the story, the children follow a trail of breadcrumbs to find a house built of sweets! Today, we are going to design our own sweet thinking about what it looks and tastes like.


In today's lesson, we will learn about the emotion worried. We will explore what our bodies may feel like when we are worried and develop supporting strategies. The key areas that this lesson links to are personal, social and emotional development and expressive arts and design.

Arts and crafts

Today you could be creative and make your own lady bird. This is great for following instructions and can also be linked to today's maths lesson.


Watch the Numberblocks 6 episode. 

What do you notice? What two numbers were added to make the number 6?

Insects have 6 legs. Draw a picture of a ladybird. Can you give it 6 legs? Can you give it 6 spots too?

Week 3 - The National Oak Academy

Friday, 15th May

Happy Friday Nursery,

Well done for all your good work this week, you have made me so proud. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

Foundation - Birthday Card

In yesterday’s lesson Miss Garrard made a birthday cake, did you make one as well? What did you use to make your cake and how many candles did you put on top? I would love to see it.

Birthday Card

In today’s lesson, we will be making a birthday card for somebody in our household, a family member, a friend, or even a toy! We will think about that person's favourite things to make the birthday card special. The three key areas that this lesson links to are expressive arts and design, physical development and understanding the world. Click on the picture to go to the lesson.  

English - Little Red Riding Hood: Story Writing (2)

Did you recognise the U sound that you learnt in yesterday’s phonics lesson? We are now quite clever at reading words with three sounds, well done.

Did you act out the story of Little Red Riding Hood, was it in front of your teddy, or maybe your family?

Little Red Riding Hood: Story Writing (2)

In today’s lesson, we finish writing the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We also plan a healthy picnic for Little Red Riding Hood to take to her Grandmother. Click on the picture to go to the lesson.


Here I have shown you all the different ways you could show the number 3.

Can you do this for the number 5?

You could:

  • Use your fingers 
  • Write the digit
  • Put 5 dots in a ten frame
  • Do a tally
  • Draw 5 things - e.g. 5 squares
  • Do 5 hops on a number line
  • Write the word
  • Do 5 dots on a domino.

Thursday, 14th May

Good Morning Nursery,

I am so proud of all the good work you are doing at home, remember to give your brain's a break. You can practice your breathing at home.  Click here  to listen to the Brain Break recording, just try to sit still and listen to the instructions, I bet you will feel so much better. 

For this week’s MindUp activity we will be making a mindful chatter box, I have inserted a picture that you can print off and colour, then fold.  But you don’t have to print it, you can still make a chatter box by using a blank square piece of paper, then ask your adult to help you copy what is written in the picture (or maybe you could make up your own mindful activities) and then follow the instruction on how to fold it. 

Enjoy your day Nursery.

File icon: pdf CHATTERBOX [pdf 154KB] Click to download

Foundation - Birthday Cake 

Did you make an instrument gift for someone yesterday and how did you decorate it? I bet you felt proud with the end result?

Birthday Cake

In today’s lesson, we will manipulate materials to create a representation of a birthday cake. We will develop fine motor skills and imaginative skills during this lesson.

Click on the picture to go to the lesson.

English- Little Red Ridding Hood: Story Writing (1)

In yesterday’s phonics lesson did you notice how toffee is finding the sounds much quicker, did you find the sounds faster than toffee? Did you notice that words bun, bug, cup have the U sound in the middle? Did you draw a story map? I would love to see them.

Little Red Riding Hood: Story Writing (1)

In today’s lesson, we draw pictures to remember the main parts of Little Red Riding Hood. After the lesson, you may like to use your story map to tell the story to your teddy bear to help you remember it. Click on the picture to go to the lesson.


Do you know the song 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed? Click on the picture to watch and sing a long. 

Now can you draw a picture of 5 little monkey’s jumping on the bed, Don’t forget to number them.

Wednesday, 12th May

Good Morning Nursery,

I hope you had a lovely day yesterday Celebrating Florence Nightingale and all the amazing Nurses.  

As May is the month of Mary, we are asking all members of the St Mary of the Angels family to submit their own Marian creations. Carrying on with the month of Mary celebrations, below are some ideas for you to do. There will a page on the website dedicated to the Month of Mary and any work sent in by you will be published on that page. Have a look at the page here . We would also like to invite you and your family to join in the participation of the weekly Rosary on Fridays at 10.30am Click here to go to the link.

You could:

- Paint or draw a Mary picture

- Design a crown or flower for Mary

- Create a prayer space

- Create your own Rosary                                                         

- Create a stain glass window

- Learn the many different names for Mary and create art based on this

- Hold a May procession

- Learn a song about Mary, such as Ave Maria, As I Kneel Before You or Queen of the May.

Also dont forget about our St. Mary of the Angels Art Competition, I know how creative you all are remember you can use any material around your house to create a self-portrait! You have till the 22nd of May.  I have attached the poster below for more information. 



In yesterday’s lesson the new sound was C, how did you get on sounding out the c words, cat, cab, can, maybe you can think of some other words that begin the sound c? I really enjoyed the story of Little Red riding hood, what was your favourite part of the story and why? Did you tell your Teddy?

Little Red Riding Hood: Story Map

In today’s lesson, we draw pictures to remember the main parts of Little Red Riding Hood.

Click here  to go to the lesson.



I really liked the story of “Kipper’s Birthday” that we had yesterday, it’s a favourite of ours in Nursery. Can you remember why Kipper’s friends didn’t go to his birthday party? He forgot to write the date on his invitations, so they didn’t know when it was. Can you remember the month of your birthday? Mine is February.

Instrument Gift

In today’s lesson, we will be learning about how we celebrate birthdays, and what we can do to make somebody feel special on their birthday. Then we will have a go at making our own musical instrument to give to somebody as a gift on their birthday! The three key areas that this lesson links to are expressive arts and design, personal, social and emotional development, and understanding the world. Click here to go to the lesson.


Today is national numeracy day. An annual celebration of the importance of numbers in everyday life.  When you are out on your walk today try to celebrate the numbers that you see around you, for instance inside the supermarket, on house doors, on road signs etc.

Have a fun filled day Nursery and I will speak to you tomorrow.

File icon: pdf 202005051106_SMA%20Art%20competition%20Self%20Portrait [pdf 1MB] Click to download

Wednesday Maths 

Today we are going to practice writing 1-5 on 5 post-it notes or pieces of card, or paper, then muddle them all up.

Can you place the numbers 1-5 in the correct order?

Once you have placed the numbers in the correct order, go for a hunt around your house, can you place 1 toy under the number 1, 2 utensils that you use to eat under the number 2, 3 items that help you to draw or colour under the number 3, 4 shoes under the number 4 and 5 things that you can eat under the number 5. 

Tuesday, 12th May 

Good Morning Reception,

Today is special day as it is Florence Nightingale's 200th Birthday! WOW, and it is also International Nurse's Day. 

Florence Nightingale is remembered for making changes to nursing and showing people that nursing was a very important job. Florence Nightingale went to the Crimean War to nurse wounded soldiers. She even nursed soldiers during the night, and became known as ‘The Lady with the Lamp’. She and her nurses saved many lives. I have also attached a PowerPoint for you to read with your adult if you would like to find out more about Florence Nightingale.   

To celebrate Florence Nightingale and all the amazing, hardworking NHS Nurses maybe you could make a Poster for the NHS, or Role play the jobs of nurse and doctors. Florence Nightingale wanted to grow up to be a nurse, what would you like to grow up to be? We would love to see pictures of what you all get upto. Keep working hard, we are so proud of you! 

Today you may also want to join in with the assembly before you start your English, Foundation and Maths subjects.

Assembly two:


This week’s assembly is all about Wellbeing. We have a sing-a-long with the London West End cast of Disney’s The Lion King and Miss Siedenius discusses the use of texture in art. Click here to go to the assembly.


In your phonics lesson yesterday were you faster than Toffee the bear? I know that he’s been practicing over the weekend, what about you?

Children did you guess the story from the clues you were given, red, wolf and grandmother? I bet you did it was Little Red Riding Hood.  Did you draw a map and did you hide any treasure?

 Little Red Riding Hood.

In today’s lesson, we will listen to the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We will think about the different features of a wolf and create our own at the end of the lesson. Click here to go to the lesson,  



Did you enjoy the story in yesterday’s lesson ‘My friend Bear’ and how was Eddie kind to the bear in the story? What makes a kind friend, is it sharing toys, listening to our friends, being kind or did you think of any other things? Did you draw a picture of your favourite bear or of your best friend? I would love to see your drawings. 

My Birthday

Today’s lesson we will learn all about birthdays. In this lesson we will find out when our own birthday is and talk about the different ways that we celebrate it. We will then help Kipper to design a birthday invitation. Click here to go to the lesson. 

Have a fantastic day Nursery.

Monday, 11th May 

Good Morning Nursery

I hope you all had a lovely weekend did you enjoy the VE celebrations on Friday? Maybe you baked some cakes or made some bunting, or you just enjoyed watching all the festivities on the TV? I really enjoyed joining in with everyone to the singalong song “we’ll meet again.”

When the Queen addressed the nation on April 5th she reassured all of us who are in lockdown that “we will meet again”, that was the powerful message in the song made famous by Vera Lynn which became a symbol of hope through the second world war and which still carries a strong meaning today. 

This week we have a fun packed week for you. Each day you can join in with Oak academy for your foundation and English subjects. Our maths number this week will be the number 5.

Don’t forget we are working on week 3 of the Oak Academy lessons.

I will be calling some of you this week so look out for a withheld telephone number. I love to hear how you are all getting on with your work and play. Don’t forget to send in some of your work for me to see and do make sure you put your name at the top.






During the month of May we remember and honour Mary, the mother of Jesus. During this time perhaps you could learn the rosary, or maybe set up a May altar at home? See the power point enclosed. There are also lots of activities on Twinkl for you to do during the month of Mary.


Kind Friends

In this lesson, we will learn some of the attributes of being a kind friend.


Using Maps

This week, we will learn the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Today we will help Little Red Riding Hood to find her Grandma’s house by giving directions. After the lesson, you may want to have your own treasure hunt and design a map to help your grown-ups or teddies find the treasure!

I hope you have a good week Nursery.

File icon: pptx us-h-74-florence-nightingale-powerpoint_ver_1 (1) [pptx 5MB] Click to download

Tuesday - Maths 

On your walk today, look out for the number 5. Just like last week you can look on doors, licence plates and street signs.

Can you make a counting caterpillar out of different colour circles?  Don’t forget to practice writing your numbers by numbering each circle from 1-5.

File icon: ppt ROI-RE-3-Creating-a-May-Altar-PowerPoint (1) [ppt 10MB] Click to download


Click on the image of the Numberblock 5 to take you to today's video. 

Go for a hunt for 5 objects around your house.

There are 5 points on a shooting star, and 5 fingers one 1 hand and 5 toes on 1 foot.  


Assembly for week beginning Monday 11th May: Hide and Seek

Parents, pupils and staff are invited to join the rest of the school community in worship every Monday morning at 10am by watching and taking part in the assembly video which can be viewed by clicking on the image above. 

In this week’s Gospel, the disciples were looking for God the Father. Little did they realise that God was standing right in front of them in human form, through the person of Jesus. This assembly helps children to relate to God on a personal level through the person of Jesus Christ.

Key Scripture:
“I am in the Father and the Father is in me. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”

John 14: 1-12

Click on the picture to take you to the link.  

Friday, 8th May

Today is VE day and it’s the day where we remember people like Captain Tom and all his comrades who fought in the second world war to liberate Europe

VE Day – Victory in Europe celebrates the end of the Second World War on 8 May 1945.

8 May 1945 - Winston Churchill announced VE Day - Victory in Europe. This day marks the end of WW2 in Europe.

Street parties were held all over Britain to celebrate the end of the war

VE Day, which stands for Victory of Europe Day, was the day on which allied forces announced the surrender of Germany in Europe on May 8th, 1945. It marked the end of Adolf Hitler’s reign and was a cause for celebration all over the world.

 VE Day will be unlike other years, as we’ll have three days to celebrate the historic occasion marking the day that Victory in Europe prevailed during the Second World War. The government purposely moved the annual May bank holiday in order to hold the VE Day celebrations over a long weekend.

You may to choose to continue with your Oak Academy lessons today or to have fun with some VE Day activities.

Click on the links below for some ideas of what you could do on VE day e.g. having your own stay at home party where you can bake cakes, making bunting decorations and make your own flags. Below you will find some attachments that we have included to give you some ideas.

You can maybe see the Queen's speech on Saturday morning as it's a little bit past your bed time. :)



VE Day activities

File icon: pdf VE-Day-Resources-2-1 [pdf 194KB] Click to download

Alix's hospital and recipe for porridge. Well done!

Thursday, 7th May


I really enjoyed singing the rainbow song yesterday did you remember all the colours in the song? Did you think of lots of things that matched the colours for example a red bus, a yellow duck, a pink pig, a green dinosaur, a purple balloon, an orange carrot and blue sea? Or maybe you thought of lots of other things?

Today’s lesson is Where do people who help us work?

In this lesson, we will learn about the different places that people who help us work in. We will then use construction resources to build a representation of a building where people who help us work.


In yesterday’s phonic lesson did you think of some other things that begin the sound O?  The star words that you learnt yesterday, first, next and then are very important when you are writing a story. Did you do a story map?

Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Story Writing (Part 1)

In today’s lesson, we will use our acting skills to tell the story. We will then become authors and start writing the story. Remember to use your finger spaces in between words.


Today instead of the English lesson on Oak Academy you can do some phonics.

Today you can learn the sound: d

Have a hunt around the house for some words that begin with 'd'.

Have fun.

Wednesday, 6th May


Did you enjoy the Topsy and Tim story yesterday and did you think of all the people who help us?  What would you like to be when you grow up, do let me know?

Today’s lesson is a Rainbow song and dance

In today's lesson, we will be singing along to the well known 'I can sing a rainbow' song. We will be thinking of actions to accompany the colours of the rainbow, and try to put them all together in a fun sing and dance along at the end!


Did you manage to point to the phonic sounds before toffee the bear, In yesterday’s lesson? He was very quick. How did you get on sounding out your ‘n’ words today? And can you remember the three ‘star words’ that you learnt small, medium and big? Did you draw a picture of the 3 bear’s cottage? I would love to see it and don’t forget to put your name on your work and I will post it on the homepage on Friday.

Today’s lesson is Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Story Map

Today, we will use our brains to remember Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We will map the story to help us remember it in order. Test your writing skills by writing a sound next to each picture if you are in Nursery, or a word if you are in Reception. You will need paper, coloured pencils and your favourite teddy.

VE Day:

Today we will continue with our VE Day activities.

Challenge One: Today we will be listening to songs sung during World War Two. How does the song make you feel? Do you think these songs would have helped the soldiers? Are they happy or sad songs?


Challenge Two: Choose an arts and crafts activity from the VE Day activity sheet. You could make a union Jack flag, maybe.


Read the story 'Good News' attached below. Before Jesus left his friends, he promised to send them a helper, the Holy Spirit. The holy day, Ascension Thursday, celebrates Jesus’ return to his Father. You can watch the video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcFw8pLBSIo) to further your knowledge of this special day



  • How did the friends of Jesus feel after he went back to his Father?
  • Have you ever felt like that?
  • What did the friends of Jesus do?
  • What happened on Pentecost day?
  • How did the friends of Jesus feel?
  • What did the friends of Jesus do after the coming of the Holy Spirit?

Draw a picture of Jesus meeting his friends, don’t forget to add facial expressions. Surprise, happy etc.

File icon: ppt Acts 2_1-4 [ppt 3MB] Click to download


Next week, it is Little Bear’s birthday! He will be 4 years old. Can you make him a birthday card or badge? Make sure you write the number 4 on your card or badge! When you go to the shops with a grown-up, see if you can see any birthday cards, badges or balloons that have numbers on them. Can you see the number 4?

St. Mary of the Angels Art Competition

Prizes to be won! All children AND staff can enter.

What do I need to do? It’s time to get creative- use any material around you house to create a self-portrait!

What are the prizes?

For each class there will be two winners.

Each person will receive a £10 book voucher.

A certificate for every child who enters  

A prize for the best teacher entry

A prize for the best support staff entry

The closing date is the 22nd May so you have plenty of time to complete your work on art.

Read the document underneath for more information on how to enter.

Have fun!!

File icon: pdf Self portrait competition [pdf 1MB] Click to download

Tuesday, 5th May

A message from Mrs Tavernier

Dear Nursery,

I hope that you are all well and looking after your families. I miss you all very much. I especially miss having P.E. lessons with you. I hope that you are having fun exercising at home with your families, perhaps doing some star jumps or jogging on the spot! I have been doing some exercise at home. I have also been baking. Last week I made some delicious blueberry muffins. Maybe some of you have already done some baking. Further more I've spent some time reading a book and learning new words from it. I’m sure that you have been sharing books with someone at home. Nursery look after yourselves and your families.

Best wishes Mrs Tavernier.


In the story you read yesterday “Germs are not for sharing,” did you like the idea of blowing a kiss to someone like the little girl did in the book to her friend? I’m sending you all a big kiss as well so try and catch it. PS don’t forget to wash your hands exactly how they showed you in the video and don’t forget those thumbs.

Today’s lesson is all about People who help us

In this lesson, we will listen to a story about real life superheroes (doctors)! We will then think about some more of the very special people in our communities who help us. At the end of the lesson, we will think about what our dream job is.


Did you recognise the phonic sounds m.t.s.a,d and n yesterday? Did you recognise the new sound? Porridge is my favourite breakfast, did you make some for your teddy?

Today’s lesson is about Goldilocks and the Three Bears

In today’s lesson, we transport into the deep, dark woods to hear the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. At the end of the lesson, we consider what a cottage for three bears would need.


VE Day

On Friday it is VE Day (Victory for Europe Day). We are celebrating this day because 75 years ago the Second World War came to an end. The war was a very sad time because different countries were fighting with each other. The men from this country went to war and fought. The women and children remained at home. This was a time of big change as previously many women had been house wives and were not allowed to do certain jobs. When the men left to fight, women had to complete these jobs. Even the Queen trained to be a mechanic. The cities became a very dangerous place and the children were evacuated to the countryside to keep them safe.

Why not take a look at the powerpoint I have attached. The photos are in black and white because it was a long time ago.

File icon: ppt VE Day Anniversary [ppt 4MB] Click to download


Each week we are focusing on a different area to help bring mindful, positive and happy moments into your home. MindUP is designed to help children develop an understanding of their brain, emotions and actions. Doing MindUP activities and practices together will support wellbeing and help encourage a calmer, happier and more optimistic home.

 Don't forget to do 2-3 'brain breaks' each day too - it only takes 2 mins and gives your brain a well-needed rest! 

This week, click on the link below and experience some MindUp moments!

File icon: pdf Mindful-moments- [pdf 94KB] Click to download

Come outside

We love Pippin the dog. Why not watch an episode. Today's episode is all about water. Click on the picture to take you to the clip.

Using your whole body 

Practice your child’s name by using their whole body whenever possible.

Activities such as walking the letters of the name or building a life-size name will allow your child to learn their name by experiencing it with their full body. When young children use their bodies, they learn and remember things quickly.

The Three Bears

This is a great activity for practicing size order.

Use the words small, medium and large.

All you need is paper plates. To make the small bear (baby bear) just cut out the outter part of the plate.

You could paint or collage the bears and use circles for the eyes and mouth and triangles for the ears.

This is a great activity for colour recognition, size ordering and shapes. 

Have fun!

Monday, 4th May

Good Morning Nursery I hope you had a good weekend. Did you enjoy the pyjamarama activities on Friday? Below is a picture of me reading one of my favourite stories by author A.A. Milne, just before I go to bed. I used to read Winnie the Pooh books to my children when they were young and they loved them.


This week we will continue with our Oak Academy lessons for English and foundation subjects, some of the creative activities will be VE day inspired as we get ready to celebrate VE day on Friday.  In maths we will be looking at the number 4 using number blocks, the activities are listed below.



In this lesson, we will look at how germs are spread and measures that can be taken to prevent this. The children will learn the importance of effective hand washing and other measures that prevent the transfer of germs. For this lesson you will need paper and a pencil.


Making Porridge

In this lesson, we will be feeding three hungry bears porridge. We will follow a recipe to make sure it is not too hot or too cold, but just right! You can follow the recipe with real ingredients or pretend. For this lesson you will need paper and a pencil, a bowl, spoon and your favourite teddy.

Photographs of children's work:

We would firstly like to thank you all for your hard work in sending in all your lovely pictures. From now on we will be posting compilations of your pictures every Friday. Due to the GDPR regulations we can only accept named work pictures without individual photographs of your child. We always look forward to seeing pictures of your wonderful work.


School Assembly:

Please join us again today at 10am for our video assembly available in the Catholic Life of the School section of the website. In this assembly we will reflect on how knowing Jesus can change our lives. This week is Vocation Sunday, and the Gospel is Jesus’ teaching about living ‘life to the full’. This assembly shares insights from people with various vocations to inspire children to feel fulfilled in what they do both now and in the future, as well as offering an opportunity to pray for priests and those in the religious life.

Key Scripture:
“I have come that you may have life, life to the full.” John 10: 1-10



Click on the image of the numberblock 4 to take you to today's video.

Go on a hunt for four object in your house. A fork has 4 prongs, a square, a rectangle, 4 sweets.

You can find pairs of shoes and socks and discuss that when we get two pairs we get the number 4.


On your walk look out for the number 4. Just like last week you can check on doors, licence plates and street signs.

Lots of animals have 4 legs. Ask a grown-up to help you find some animal photos on the Internet or in some books. Which animal is your favourite? How many legs does it have? Draw a picture of your favourite four- legged animal. Can you number its legs?



Squares and rectangles are shapes that have 4 straight sides. Can you draw a picture of a robot using 4 squares and 4 rectangles? You could draw squares for the head, body and eyes, and rectangles for the arms and legs.


Here I have shown you all the different ways you could show the number 3.

Can you do this for the number 4?

You could:

  • Use your fingers 
  • Write the digit
  • Put 4 dots in a ten frame
  • Do a tally
  • Draw 4 things - e.g. 4 squares
  • Do 4 hops on a numberline
  • Write the word
  • Do 4 dots on a domino


Our Children love BusyThings. It has great educational games that help with all areas of learning.

I have added step by step instructions on how to access BusyThings.

File icon: docx Busythings [docx 1MB] Click to download

Friday, 1st May

Happy Friday Nursery

Did you enjoy yesterday’s lesson?  Did you manage to use your imagination to make something? I would love to see what you made, don’t forget to send me some pictures.

Book Trust are doing a very exciting event for all of the family called, Pyjamarama! There's only a couple of things you need to do; visit this webpage and refresh it throughout the day  https://www.booktrust.org.uk/books-and-reading/have-some-fun/pyjamarama/pyjamarama-festival/ , check out the line up in the picture, wear your pyjamas and most importantly have FUN! You can pick and choose what activities you want to take part in. We're going to be checking out the event too in our pyjamas. One more thing we would LOVE from you are...photos. Please send in any photos of yourselves in pyjamas doing some of the activities from the day. Don't you worry we will be getting some too! ?


Today’s lesson on Oak Academy is “My face in nature.” Did you manage to collect some natural materials for your lesson today? Twigs, leaves, petals, stones etc. Have fun making your face and don’t forget to take a picture of your creation.


Today we will be doing number formation, follow the link below to print your sheet or maybe you could get an adult to write the numbers for you so that you can trace them. There are lots of ideas for you below.


Creative Arts

Why not try doing the peg activity today, as this is also good for building finger strength?


Well done for all your hard work this week, have a lovely weekend and stay safe.

Thursday, 30th April

Good Morning Nursery

Foundation Lesson The Oak Academy with Miss Sudanius

Did you enjoy yesterday’s lesson, and did you learn some new words called “star words?” Can you remember some of the words like appearance and height?  I really enjoyed singing along with the song “Head, shoulders, knees and toes,” did you? Did you draw a picture of yourself? I would love to see it.  In today’s lesson you will be thinking about making something out of Duplo, Lego, wooden blocks, boxes, stickle bricks or anything you have at home. You can use your imagination to think of something to build. It could be a house, a robot, a plane or a castle.


Did you find any number threes on your walk yesterday? I found quite a few when I was in the supermarket and also on house doors and some street signs.

Today we will be looking at different ways to make the number 3.  You will need paper and pencils, yellow cubes, counters, buttons and bottle tops to complete the activity.

Arts and crafts. 

Why not have ago at doing some weaving today? See the example below I hope you have fun.

Wednesday, 29th April

Good Morning Nursery

Foundation Lesson The Oak Academy

Did you enjoy your “all about me.” lesson with Miss Hughes yesterday? It described our appearance, culture and hobbies, did you manage draw a picture of yourself? What were the favourite things that you put in your box? Please let me know.

Today’s lesson will be an art and music lesson how exciting. For the lesson you will need paper, coloured pencils, your favourite toy to keep you company and your singing voice.



Did you have fun yesterday counting objects to 3 and what were they? Which was the tallest and which was the smallest? Let me know.

Today I would like you to watch the “number blocks 3” video again and when you are out on your daily walk  I would like you to look out for the number 3 on doors, signposts, in the supermarket and shops. Have a look if you can see any triangle shapes on your walk as well?


Creative Arts

Today how about having a go at the cutting activity “Incy- Wincy spider?” You could also try making a spider climbing up the waterspout. See below how to make it.

Why not sing the song while you are doing the activities?

Wednesday Word 
The Primary School Wednesday Word is an outreach which shares Sunday's Gospel with all school families, in a unique way. However, while our school is closed, all printing is paused for the moment. Each Wednesday the Wednesday Word will be available for you to share together with your family and think about the messages in the liturgy. 
Please click below: 


Tuesday, 28th April

Good morning Nursery

I hope you are enjoying your foundation activities on The Oak Academy.  Did you recognise the story “whatever next? Did you manage to use your imagination like baby bear and create something from a box, like a train, a pirate ship or a castle? Let me know what you made and don’t forget to tune into Tuesday’s foundation Lesson called “It’s All about Me.”



Today's English lesson is on Oak Academy. There is a phonics activity included as well. Which house will you draw?

You will need your notebook, colouring pencils and your teddy bear.


Today you will be Counting objects of three using money, capacity and length.

See the activity below.


Creative arts

Counting Caterpillars. You could use different colours for each number to create your caterpillar, see the example below.  How many did you count to?

Some excellent home learning

How wonderful to see all the work you are all doing at home.

A big thank you to Skye for creating a lovely space rocket.  I love the decorations and the colours you have used with your name on it. Well done, it’s nice seeing all your work.

Today I received a lovely message from Emilia’s mummy I would like to wish Emilia a very Happy Birthday for Sunday.

Dear Mrs Moruzzi

We are all well and coping with the home schooling. Emilia can’t wait to see what her beloved Mrs Moruzzi prepared for the nursery.

Emilia would like to send a virtual goody bag to all the class and it contains loads of chocolate and fun toys.

Today she made with Julia the Birthday card to Mr Captain Tom.

Last week she played with dough making the story about the sea life. This is the sea, wave....

How nice to see Emilia rolling her pastry to make Polish dumplings I’m looking forward to seeing your birthday pictures and your birthday card to Captain Tom.

Monday, 27th March

Good Morning Nursery and welcome to a new week.

Today we will be moving to the Oak academy home learning, for some of our lessons. Please start with week 1. Nursery will be using the foundation section of the Oak Academy and today you will be listening to one of my favourite stories, do you recognise the story? Each day there will be a new activity for you to complete.

Nursery maths will continue using the number block scheme.  This week we will be concentrating on the number 3.  Below you will see the daily lessons. Are you ready to go on a number hunt?

In this week’s creative lessons, we will be concentrating on developing and strengthening our fine motor skills. Today you can make a name plate in the shape of a Space Rocket. You will need pencil, paper, crayons or paints and you will need some scissors to cut out the squares and then you use each sqaure for the letter of your name. At the top of the squares you can add a triangle to make the shape of a rocket and then decorate it.

Please join us again today at 10am for our second video assembly available in the Catholic Life of the School section of the website. In this assembly we will reflect on how we meet with Jesus today at Mass, in both the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist.?

Don’t forget it’s Captain Tom’s 100th birthday on the 30th of April and you could make a birthday card to send to him, I am sure he would like that very much.


Thank you to Arthur and Megan for sending in their wonderful pictures.

Well done Megan to see you doing your phonic learning at home.


Well done Arthur, I loved your crab picture along with the facts you included about crabs and well done on your phonics work.


Have a lovely fun filled day.

Captain Tom

Tom was born in West Yorkshire and was a Captain in the British army during World War 2, serving in India and Burma. He was supposed to celebrate his 100th birthday with a party of 100 people, but this had to be cancelled because of the Covid-19 outbreak. Instead he spent his time slowly completing 100 laps around his 25metre garden. Captain Tom wanted to show support for NHS workers as they help people in need. At first, Captain Tom wanted to raise £1000. However, people heard about what he was doing and started giving money. The money kept increasing. When it reached £2.5 million, Tom said “Never in my wildest imagination did I think this would be possible.” Captain Tom has now raised over a record breaking 30 million pounds for the NHS. This is a fantastic achievement for anybody, let alone a 99 year old war veteran. In light of Captain Tom’s fabulous work wouldn’t it be a lovely idea if we made a birthday card and sent it to him to celebrate his 100th birthday on the 30th April?

Home Learning 27th April - 1st May



Watch Numberblocks 3. Discuss what you have watched. What colour is number block 3?

Explain that 3 can be made when you put 1 and 2 together. 

Go on a hunt around your home to collect three objects. E.g. 3 books, 3 cushions, 3 pieces of pasta, 3 cups.



Today we will be counting objects to 3.

It is a good time to introduce 1 pence.

You can also introduce capacity - 1 litre + 1 Litre + 1 litre = 3 litres.

You can talk about length. Find 3 of different objects and line them up. Which objects are taller? Which is the shortest? 


Re-watch Numberblocks 3. On your walk today do jumps of 3. 

You and your adult can do big steps of 3. Who went further?

Look around you, can you see the number 3 on front doors, licence plates, street signs?

There is a special shape called a triangel that has 3 sides. Can you see any triangles around you?


Using yellow cubes (if you don't have yellow counters you can colur yellow squares on paper) make the number 3 in different ways.

How many dfferent ways can you arange the 3 cubes?

If you are doing it on pieces of paper you can stick these into their notebook.


Today you can practice forming numbers 0-5.

You can do this in loads of fun ways. 

  • Painting,
  • Using your finger in shaving foam,
  • Using a race track for toy cars (I have added some that can be printed)
  • Pencil and paper.
File icon: pdf Road-Themed-Display-Numbers-0-20-Straight-1_ver_1 [pdf 2MB] Click to download

Arts, crafts and fine motor skills

Space rocket names

Cut out some shapes to make a space rocket. On the squares write the letters that make up your child's name. Get them to order the letters to create an amazing name rocket.

Counting catterpillar

Not only is this a create acticity for ordering numbers but it also helps with fine motor skills.

Cutting skills

Draw straight, zig-zag and squiggly lines for your children to cut along.

Incy Wincy Spider

You will need:

  • Kitchen roll
  • String
  • Paper
  • Sissors
  • Colours

1. Draw spider and cut it out.

2. Loop a piece of string around the kitchen roll and attach the spider.

3. Listen to the Nursery rhyme 'Incy Wincy Spider and play with your new toy.


  1. Cut little ridges into a paper plate.
  2. Using thread weave around the plate to create a web.
  3. Add on some incy wincy spiders.

Peg your name

This another great activity for building finger strength.

Make a board (ideally on cardboard to make it sturdy) and write your child's name.

Write a letter on each peg to match with each letter on the board.

Friday, 24th April

Welcome to Friday Nursery

Today you could make a pirate map marking out where the treasure is and create your own desert island on the floor using a blanket and then you could have a picnic and look for the treasure.

For your picnic snack today you could make sea turtles using apples and grapes?

Have a go at this tongue twister.

Enjoy your day Nelly and I wish you a happy and safe weekend.

Thursday 23rd April

Good morning Nursery.

I hope you are enjoying your phonics activities and don’t forget to click on the links to access the games.

Why not use some of the items you have at home to make a fish, whale or an octopus using recycled items?  On the home page there are some great ideas.

I asked Amazon Alexa today for a fishy joke and this is what she told me.

If you have Alexa at home ask her for some fishy facts or Google some and let me know.

Q How do you make an octopus laugh?
A With TEN-tickles!


Have a good day.

Wednesday, 22nd April

Good Morning  

It was lovely to speak to some of you and your parents on the phone, yesterday. I was so pleased to hear that you are accessing the resources and I am very proud of all the work you are doing from home.  I was asked by some of your mummies if it would be possible to print some work? I’ve included the user address for the Twinkl website, which is free to use while we are working from home.  I look forward to calling the rest of my families this week.

Twinkl: https://www.twinkl.co.uk/offer

Use code: CVDTWINKLHELPS (This is the code you need to use to access twinkl for free)

Thank you to Skye for the lovely pictures I think your crab is lifelike and well made. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing your other work.

Don’t forget to keep sending in pictures of the things you are doing at home. I am missing you all and I would love to hear about all the fabulous things you are doing. office@stmaryangels.co.uk.

Today on your walk don’t forget:

  • Count steps of 2
  • Jump two large and two small jumps
  • Spot the number 2 around you (on licence plates, buses)
  • Collect leaves (2 green, 2 brown, 2 orange)

Why not create a picture with the things you find on your walk today?

This is Nelly on her walk today, she loves to collect sticks the bigger the better. She isn’t very good at counting as she only found one.

A Whale's Tale 

Today the 22nd of April is World Earth day, and it is an extra special one because it is it's 50th anniversary!  We celebrate this day to make us more aware of our beautiful planet and it is important that we protect it and the amazing animals that call it home.  We are learning about under the sea at the moment, so we found this awesome story for you to watch with us, about a whale.  click here A Whale's Tale  to watch the story.  

Tuesday, 21st April

Good morning me hearties lets make today a fishy day.

Thank you to Emilia, Julia and Mummy for sending me an update and pictures of the lovely work that you have been doing at home. I am so pleased that you enjoyed the story of the storm whale, its one of my favourites as well. I very much liked the picture that you coloured. I miss you too and I look forward to hearing from your classmates as well.

Today would be a good day to read the story of the rainbow fish.  Sharing makes us happy. ... His choice not to share soon makes Rainbow Fish a lonely fish. He discovers, in the end, that in sharing his scales, not only does he bring a smile to others, but he feels happy as well.

Why don’t you think of what you could share today and with who?

 How about making a rainbow fish and decorating it with 2 of everything, i.e. 2 dots, 2 stars, 2 different colours etc.?

Q What part of a fish weighs the most?
A The scales!


Until tomorrow, me hearties.

Monday, 20th April

Good Morning Nursery and welcome to a new term.

Our new topic is under the sea and you will find included in this week’s home pack various activities

that you can have fun with.

We will continue with our present timetable from last term, don’t forget to keep up with

Joe Wick’s fitness at 9am each day. For snack time, why not try making banana dolphins like in the

picture that I’ve included for you?

We are continuing with the Number blocks for maths. Have fun going around the house finding pairs i.e. Socks, shoes etc.

Q. Why are fish so smart?

A. Because they live in schools.

Have a good day.

Home Learning 20th - 26th April

Our new topic this term is 'Under The Sea'. We want children to be able to name some animals and plants found in the sea.

Come outside - Fish

Paper plates and cups - Arts and Crafts


This science investigation is a great way to discuss that the Ocean and Sea have salt in them. 

Predict what might happen to the egg as you add more salt.


The clapping for the NHS workers gave me an idea for a music activity this week. Why not find everyday objects in your home that could be used to make a sound? Sausepans, graters and wooden spoons to name a few.

With some lentals, a plastic bottle you can make a shaker. Can you make it sound like the waves crashing against the shore?

Let the music BEGIN!!

Parents, cover your ears. :)

A sailor went to sea, sea, sea

Ocean Nursery rhyme


Good News

The Good News is that Jesus has risen! Everyone gets good news in their lives. Talk to your adults about what different types of good news there can be. In your books draw a picture of some Good News that you have received. 



Mavis The Magical Cat

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this story! It has some amazing words for you to learn and the activities are so fun.

These activities are to be done over three/four weeks so don't rush through them all.

File icon: pdf Nursery [pdf 3MB] Click to download



Watch Numberblocks episode (number2)

Discuss what you have watched. What do you notice? 

Explain that lots of things come in twos - pairs.

Go on a hunt around your home and find pairs of objects. E.g. socks, shoes, glasses, eyes.



Make a fish and decorate it with 2 of everything.

2 stickers

2 stars

2 dots


You can use different colours (2 of each) to make the rainbow fish.

Get children to count out two each time. 


On your daily walk:

  • Count steps of 2
  • Jump two large and two small jumps
  • Spot the number 2 around you (on licence plates, buses)
  • Collect leaves (2 green, 2 brown, 2 orange)



Place two hoops on the floor.

The first hoop is for 1 object

The second is for 2 objects.


In the first hoop you would place objects that comes in ones. E.g. an apple, banana, remote control.

In the second hoop things that come in twos. E.g. wellington boots, socks.


Choose an activity to repeat. Try to do it independently this time.


This week you will be learning 5 new phonemes.

c, k - These two phonemes make the same sound so they are taught together





Repeat familiar activities when learning new sounds. 

Go on a sound hunt - Can you find objects that start with those sounds?

Write the sound in shaving foam, make it with play dough etc.

Sort objects into hoops.

Start to draw some objects that begin with the sound.

Easter Sunday

Good Morning Nursery and Reception


Miss Keane, Mrs Moruzzi and Miss Boxsell would like to wish you and your families a very safe and Happy Easter.  We hope you have enjoyed some of the activities we have posted, keep sending in your pictures we would love to hear from you. 

As the Queen said, in her message to us all “We should take comfort that while we may have more to endure, better days will return; and we will be with our friends again and we will be with our families again.” We very much look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Your teacher,

Mrs Moruzzi

What has Mrs Moruzzi been up to?

I made some bread just like the Little Red Hen but I did let my family eat some of it.

This bread is called sour bread and takes a long time to make. It was all worth it! We ate it with some butter and a nice cup of tea.

Easter Holiday project

Dear Nursery and Reception,

During the Easter holidays we would like you do a project around “People who help us.”  We would like you to think about someone you admire or would like to be, for example a Police person a Fire person, A Nurse, a Vet or a Doctor.

We would like you to have fun with this and we look forward to seeing everyone’s projects.

Below are some examples of what you could do?

Can you make a picture and also include the initial sound?

2D Shapes

You can practice your 2D shapes to create a fire truck, helmet or uniform.

Make your own 'People Who Help Us' costume. Borrow an adult's hat to be a helemt or a shirt to be a doctor's coat. Pretend you are the person who is helping. What would you do? What would you say?

Why don't you use your hand to create a picture of people that help us and lends us a hand.

Learn your address and practise what you would say if you were ever in an emergency and had to call 999.

Create your own emergency vehicle. Think about its features - sirens, hosepipes and ladders, bright colours. You could make the vehicle out of old boxes, bottle top lids and carboard tubes.

Draw a picture of a person who has helped you in the last few weeks. Write some short sentences to describe what they did.

Create a thank you card to send to someone who has helped you. You could draw, paint or use collage to make a picture. Remember to use your best writing inside to say 'thank you' and to write your name.

Pippin the dog - Bin men - Rubbish

This is an important time in our Christian life. I have attached a template to create a prayer. I would like you to write out your prayer and decorate it.

You can make some Easter nests. They are really fun and easy to make. You can discuss changing state - solid to liquid as the chocolate melts as well as counting how many cupcakes you will need. You can do some division - we have 10 eggs and 2 cupcakes how many eggs will go in each nest? Click on the photo to take you to the recipe.

The Easter story

File icon: ppt The_Easter_Story [ppt 317KB] Click to download


Over the Easter break I would like you to revisit a sound a day.

I have added 4 books for you to read over the Easter break and some phonics activities on Bug Club.

File icon: ppt s, a, t, p, i, n Initial Sounds PowerPoint Game [ppt 4MB] Click to download
File icon: ppt m, d, g, o, c, k Initial Sounds PowerPoint Game [ppt 2MB] Click to download
Friday, 3rd April  
Good Morning Nursery, 
I hope you have managed to complete some of the activities 
this week.
 If you have been following your phonics you should be 
able to sound out some words?
 Why not impress your family and use your knowledge of 
phonics to sound out and read new words? 
For example s a t, s i t, p a t, c a t. 

This Sunday, 5th April 2020, is an important date in the Christian Easter calendar. Palm Sunday is the first day of Holy Week. We remember when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey to the shouts of Hosanna. The people were so excited to see Jesus that they threw down palm leaves for his donkey to walk over. 

Let me introduce you to my dog Nelly she would like to wish

you and your family a Happy Easter.

 I will be back in touch on Easter Sunday.


Mrs Moruzzi


Q. What does a cow do for fun?

A. Goes to the mooo-vies.

Palm Sunday crafts

Thursday, 2nd April

Good Morning Nursery,
Carrying on with our rainbow theme, 
I think today would be a perfect to make a healthy
 snack for your afternoon break. 
How about making Rainbow fruit skewers. For more recipes go
 to BBC good food recipes for kids.

Fun Fact Did you know apples float on water.

Have a happy fun filled day.

Mrs Moruzzi

Wednesday, 1st April

Welcome to Wednesday Nursery 
How are your daily workouts with Joe wicks going? 
I hope you are staying fit and healthy, you could also
 add Cosmic Yoga to your work out to make it more fun.

Did you know rainbows are used as a symbol of peace

and hope as they often appear when the sun follows heavy rainfall.

 Maybe you could all make a rainbow using colours and paper and

then display it in your window to brighten up the day.

Have a good day

Mrs Moruzzi


Q. How do all the oceans say hello to each other?

A. They wave!


What home learning has Mrs Moruzzi been doing?


I've been making all of our favourite dishes including pasta...

...and yummy banana bread. 

Tuesday, 31st March

Good Morning, Buongiorno,  Bonjour, magandang umaga, 
Buenos días, bom Dia.
I hope you are all busy enjoying the class activities 
I would love to see anything that you have made, 
you can send me your photo’s reception@stmaryangels.co.uk 
and maybe we could put some on our website. 
Keep safe and have a lovely day.


Q. Why do giraffes have such long necks?

A. Because they have smelly feet.


Mrs Moruzzi

Monday, 30th March

Good Morning Nursery

I hope you all had a good weekend and you remembered to put your clocks forward.

I have included a timetable for you to follow similar to the one we follow in school. Don’t forget to have a brain break maybe you could “Go Noodle”  (you tube).

At 3pm don’t forget to listen to an audible story, you can find them on the class page.

Fun fact.  There are more stars in the sky than grains of sand on earth.

Have a great day and I will speak to you again tomorrow.

Mrs Moruzzi

Resources For All Learners

Dear Parents/Carers,

The staff at SMA have been working together to come up with a list of online learning tools, and websites with fun and engaging, educational content. Please take some time to look at the document below. We have included a brief description of each website, as well as the age range we believe it is best suited to. 

Thank you for your continued support, care and love for the school, staff, children and community.

Happy learning! 

SMA Staff. 

File icon: docx Websites For Home [docx 2MB] Click to download

Home Learning starting week 30th March

File icon: pdf Funnybones-Story [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: ppt Jack and the Beanstalk [ppt 7MB] Click to download
File icon: ppt Brown Bear, Brown Bear [ppt 9MB] Click to download
File icon: pptx Gingerbread Man Story Book [pptx 5MB] Click to download

Audible audio books

Audible is a website that allows children to listen to books free of charge.

We recommend:

The Lion and the Mouse

The Owl and the Pussy-Cat

Phonics sounds

This week we will be recapping the sounds that we have learnt in school.

Watch the links and try to find some things in your house that begin with those sounds.

External Link Icon Jolly Phonics s
External Link Icon Jolly Phonics a
External Link Icon Jolly Phonics t
External Link Icon Jolly Phonics p
External Link Icon Jolly Phonics i

Phonics - Silly Soup - Rhyming 

This is a game that you can play with your child at home.

You will need:

  • A bowl,
  • Spoon
  • Some objects around the house.

Find some objects that start with the sound of the day, e.g. S - sungalsses, strawberry etc but also include one or two objects that doesn't start with S.

Place all the objects infront of you and sing this song:

We’re making lots of silly soup

We’re making soup that’s silly

We’re going to cook it in the fridge

To make it nice and chilly


Sang to the theme of “pop goes the weasel”




Tell your child that we should only put objects that starts with the S sound in the bowl.

Repeat this activity for each sound you are learning.



Find objects that rhyme e.g. cat, mat, rat and two objects that don't rhyme e.g. dog, pig.

This time the only objects that are allowed in the bowl are rhyming words.

Metal Mike

At school we have a friend called Metal Mike. He helps us with out phonics and sounding out.



Make your own metal mike. Boxes and tinfoil paint.


Create and design your own Metal Mike (2 days) discuss colours , add shapes to make a face for Metal Mike.

Number of the Week - One

Each week we will be looking at a new number.

This weeks number is 1.

Number one

Here are some great links for helping to learn all about the number 1.

External Link Icon Numberblocks - one
External Link Icon Counting to 5

Number formation

Using a cue tip and some paint your child can practice their number formation.

Making the number 1 and 2

Using r and orange squares you can get your child to make the numberblocks 1 and 2.

If your child is ready you can challenge them to go up to 5.

Number Hunt

Find 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 objects to match with their numbers.

Little Red Hen


Watch this video of the story of The Little Red Hen.

Act it out

This is Pie Corbett. 

Watch this each day and try to join in with his actions and telling the story.

Story Map

Click on the link to see a story map for helping your child to retell the story of The Little Red Hen.

Arts and crafts

Can you make a Little Red Hen and the other animals?

You could use these to help you act out the story.

Fine Motor skills

Click on the links to help strengthen your child's hands and fingers.