Thursday 6th May 2021

Good morning Robins,

Today you will be learning at home as our school is being used as a polling station.

Attached is a timetable to help you in your learning today, I can't wait to see your fantastic work.

World Book Day 2021

Happy World Book Day Robins. 


I have attached a document with some fun activites for you to enjoy this World Book Day. We have been inspired by the Author Sue Flies who wrote the story 'Sadie Sprocket Builds a Rocket'. 

The activites include:

Miss Cox reading the Story 'Sadie Sproket Builds a Rocket'.

Presentations about Women in Space and what it is like to be an astronaut.

How to build your own Rocket and many more fun activites. 


I am looking forward to seeing some 'Potato character'. You can share them view Seesaw. 


Hope you have a lovely day. 


Miss Cox

Monday 1st March

Good morning Robins.


I hope you had a good weekend,


Below you will find your online timetable for this week. Just click on the various links to access your learning.


Activities will also be posted on Seesaw along with any other worksheets you may need to accompany your learning.


I hope you enjoy all the activities.


Miss Cox

Friday 26th February 2021

Fun Friday is here!


Thank you for all your hard work this week. You are all superstars and we are so proud of you. Next week we will be celebrating World Book Day so please keep checking the school home page for more information on this.


Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Miss Cox

Wednesday 24th February

Hope you are haing a wonderful Wednesday.

Here is the link to our weekly RE assembley

You will find today's RE task on Seesaw. 

Singing is such a lovely way to express love and praise to God and Jesus. I have attached the link to a lovely hymn called 'Shout to the Lord'. 

Have a lovely day. 

Miss Cox

Monday 22nd February 2021

Good Morning Robins.


Welcome back to a new term, I hope you all had a restful break.


Attached you will find the weekly timetable, which will also be on Seesaw along with any other activities that you will need to complete throughout the week.


I hope you have a good week.


Miss Cox.

Week Commencing 8th February 2021

Friday 12th February 2021

Good Morning Robins.


Welcome to Friday.


Did you know that today is the beginning of Chinese New Year? This year is the year of the Ox.


Well done for all the hard work that you’ve done this term, I am very proud of you all and a big thank you as well to your families for helping you.


 Don’t forget to login to Seesaw today, for story time with me.


Why not take some time away from your screens this afternoon and do some of the activities that I have added?  You could do some colouring, make a lantern for Chinese New Year, make some heart shaped biscuits or a Valentines card. Otherwise, you could build something with lego, do a puzzle or play a game.


Have a great day and a lovely half term.



Miss Cox.

Thursday 11th February 2021

Good Morning Robins,


Welcome to Thursday, let’s make today the day that we do 3 things that could make a difference to someone. You could make a card to say thank you, help around the house and share something with your brothers and sisters, or maybe you can think of some other things to do.


I hope you have a good day.


Miss Cox.

Wednesday 10th February 2021

Good Morning Robins.


Welcome to Wednesday.


A big thank you to you all for taking part in “Safety Internet Day and all the work that you did.


Please click on the link below to listen to this week’s assembly.


Here is the link for this week's assembly:


You will find today’s RE lesson, How the Parish family gather for Mass, on Seesaw.


Oak National Academy in partnership with the National Literacy Trust have joined together to create a Virtual School Library. Every week a popular children's author or illustrator will provide you with free books, exclusive videos and their top three recommended reads.


Have a good day.


Miss Cox.

Tuesday 9th February 2021

Good Morning Robins.


Today is safer internet day and you will be able to find “Detective Digiducks virtual assembly” by clicking  here This is how to stay safe when searching online and you can go to Seesaw to find activities linked to the story and other activities for you to do.


Twinkl Home Learning Hub - New ideas every day!


There is a set of free activities for you and your child and these are updated daily and are designed to make each day of the week as easy as possible during lockdown. Expect to find learning activities, crafts, weekend fun, games, parenting blogs and much more.


Click here to access Twinkl home learning hub for extra resources.


Have a great day.


Miss Cox.


Detective Digiduck Assembly

Monday 8th February 2021

Good morning Robins.


I hope you had a good weekend,


Below you will find your online timetable for this week. Just click on the various links to access your learning.


Activities will also be posted on Seesaw along with any other worksheets you may need to accompany your learning.


I hope you enjoy all the activities.


Miss Cox

Friday 5th February 2021

Happy Friday 

Today we have been asked to 'Dress to Express'. It is an opportunity for us to dress up in bright colours and share our feelings.

Take a moment today to do something that makes you feel joy and happiness. Whether that be dancing, singing, or playing. Remember all feelings are okay. The most important thing you can do is to learn to identify those feelings and communicate them. 

You are amazing!

You are special!

You are enough!

Have a lovely Weekend.


Thursday 4th February 2021

Happy thoughtful Thursday everyone. 

This week we have been exploring the different ways we can express ourselves. We can sing, dance, draw, write, get creative, build, construct the list goes on. 

You have been working so hard during lockdown with your online lessons and completing your activities. Remember to take regular breaks and allocate special time throughout the day dedicated to 'fun and expression'. This could be dancing around to music, singing your favourite songs, building using your blocks of Lego. It could be getting some fresh air, doing some yoga, playing with your toys. 

It is also important to remind yourselves that you are special, that you matter. I have shared the link to a video with affirmations.

Watch it and join in with the affirmations. It can make you feel good to say these wonderful qualities you each have out loud.

Take care.

Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Good morning 

I hope you are all well. This week we have been looking at ways we express ourselves and how communication is key to a healthy mental health. We know that if we need guidance we can also talk to God. We can say prayers and even sing to him to express our love and thankfulness that God and Jesus are always there for us. 

I have attached this weeks RE and you can also find it on Seesaw. 

I have also attached a youtube link to the song 'A gift to you'. It is a lovely song showing that when we do something or express ourselves it is a gift. 


Have a lovely day.

Tuesday 2nd February 2021

Dear Parents and Children

To mark the start of Children’s Mental Health Week (CMHW) , The Duchess of Cambridge, Patron of Place2Be, has sent a message of support encouraging children and parents to find ways to share their thoughts and feelings, particularly during such a challenging time.

The focus this CMHW is expressing yourself. There are many different way of doing this. Check out this poster attaced for some ideas. 

In early years we often refer to the story 'The Colour Monster'. This story  helps us to identify our feelings and the colour that represents them. I have included the link to the story.


Take care and have a lovely Tuesday.




Monday 1st February 2021

Good morning Robins.


I hope you had a good weekend,


Below you will find your online timetable for this week. Just click on the various links to access your learning.


Activities will also be posted on Seesaw along with any other worksheets you may need to accompany your learning.


I hope you enjoy all the activities.


Miss Cox.

File icon: pdf Reception Online Learning Timetable - Spring 1 Week 5.pdf [pdf 227KB] Click to download

Friday 29th January 2021

Dear Robins


Today 29th January is national puzzle day, why not dig out that jigsaw and have a family jigsaw day?


On Saturday 30th January is draw a dinosaur day, you could draw your favourite Dinosaur, or tell me a fact about dinosaurs and then upload it to seesaw.




On Sunday 30th January 2021 we will be thinking about Racial Justice.

This is because the Bishops in our country have said that this Sunday the theme for Racial Justice will be called ‘A Time to Act.’ Pope Francis teaches us that we should love and welcome everyone, just as Jesus did.


I have enclosed a powerpoint for you to share with your child.


I hope you have a lovely weekend.


Miss Cox.

File icon: pptx Racial Justice Sunday Early years (1).pptx [pptx 945KB] Click to download

Thursday 28th January 2021

Good morning Robins.


Today is thoughtful Thursday, why not take some time to thank someone or even help someone?



Today is the start of bird watch weekend, have a look in your garden, or when you are on your daily walk to see how many birds you can count and identify.


If you click on the link below it will take you to the RSPB big bird garden watch.


28 - 29 January RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch Weekend


Have a lovely Day.


Miss cox

Wednesday 27th January 2021

Good morning Robins

Welcome to Wednesday

Please click on the link below to listen to today’s assembly.

I have included your RE activity for today and you can also access it on Seesaw.

Here is something to put a smile on your face, check out the singing Sea lion below.

Have a good day.

Miss Cox

File icon: pdf Celebrating.pdf [pdf 99KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf What the parish family celebrates.pdf [pdf 54KB] Click to download

Tuesday 26th January 2021

Good Morning Robins.


Welcome to Tuesday.


Thank you for the work that you uploaded yesterday to Seesaw, keep it up you are doing a great job and I am very proud of you.


Did you know that there are 339 days remaining until the end of the year?


Today is also Australia Day, so if you know anyone from Australia, family or friend, you can wish them a happy day. If not reach out to someone in your family and wish them a happy day instead.

I hope you have a good day.


Miss Cox

File icon: pdf Australia Day (1).pdf [pdf 168KB] Click to download

Monday 25th January

Good Morning Robins

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and managed to have some fun in the snow. If any of you made a snowperson I would love to see pictures of them and you can do this by uploading them via Seesaw.

I have attached this week’s online timetable. Please check out Seesaw for any worksheets or activities that may accompany your online lessons.

Have a great week!

Miss Cox

Friday 22nd January

Happy Friday

Well done for all that you have accomplished this week. You should feel very proud of yourselves. I hope you have a lovely day and a lovely weekend. Remember to check back on Monday for your new weekly timetable.

Miss Cox

Thursday 21st January

Happy Thursday


As it is Thoughtful Thursday, I want to share my thoughts with you.

I am so proud of you all and the hard work you are putting into your home learning. It has been so lovely to see your photos, videos and pictures of your work and I look forward to seeing them every day and being able to give you some feedback.  

Have a great day!

Miss Cox

Wednesday 20th January

We are mid-week through our online learning, and it has been lovely to see how you have been getting on. Please continue to upload work on to Seesaw as it is nice for us to view your work and give feedback. 

Today is our Worship Wednesday and I have uploaded your RE work onto Seesaw. It is about 'The Presentation of Jesus'. RE is such an important part of our learning and I know you will do very well in today’s activity. 

Have a lovely day and remember we are enormously proud of each and every one of you.

Miss Cox

Tuesday 19th January 

Thank you for all the work you have been sending through on Seesaw. It is lovely to see the photos and videos of the children participating, interacting, and completing their learning.  

It is 'Thinking Tuesday' and we have a wonderful activity for you today. Check out the link on your timetable.

If you need any help or guidance with logging in to or accessing these online resources, please contact the office and they can let us know and we can help. 

Online resources available are: 

Seesaw- this allows you to share your child’s learning with the class teacher. We can provide feedback and guidance.

Bug Club- this gives you access to a range of online reading books that are at your child’s reading level. This resource gives you access to phonics learning. It also has some fun educational games to bring on reading and comprehension

Monday 18th January 2021

Good morning Robins


I hope you all had a fun filled weekend and welcome to a new week of learning.  Below you will find your online timetable for the week and I have also given you various other activities you can complete on Seesaw, along with your Bug club reading/ phonic activities.


Have a lovely day and I look forward to seeing any work that you have completed on Seesaw.


Miss Cox


File icon: pdf PDF Reception Online Learning Timetable - Spring 1 Week 3.pdf [pdf 296KB] Click to download

Friday 15th January 2021 

Good Morning Robins


Welcome to Friday


Today I will be reading you a story, so don’t forget to login to seesaw and join me.


As today is fun Friday you could do some baking, draw a picture, dress up as your favourite character, or go for a walk.


A Friday fun fact – did you know that Robins are very loyal to their food source? The Robin that you see every day in your garden is most likely the same one.


Have a fabulous, fun filled Friday.


Miss cox


Thursday 14th January 2021

Good Morning Robins

Welcome to Thursday, It's good to see you are enjoying all the activities and don't forget you have lots to choose from, Seesaw, Bug Club, Oak Academy, White Rose and your work packs. Keep up the good work and thank you for all the messages, video's and pictures you are sending me on Seesaw. 

Have a lovely Day.

Miss Cox

Wednesday 13th January 2021

Good Morning Robins

Welcome to Wednesday It was lovely to talk to some of you yesterday and to hear how well you are doing. If you need to you can also contact me through Seesaw. Carry on with the good work and have a lovely day.

Please find bleow your RE activity for today you can also access it on Seesaw.

Miss Cox

Week 2: What The Parish Family Celebrates


Talk to your child about ‘the parish family’. Talk about what they already know about celebrating in church. For example, Baptism, Christmas and weddings. Talk about the parish family celebrating. Show your child the image from Church Story 1 pages 12-13 and Church story 2 pages 22-25 (below) and discuss what the pictures show about the people of the parish.  

Questions to discuss:  

Q. What do these pictures tell you about the people of this parish? 

Q. What are they doing? `  

Suggested activity 1: Draw a picture of the parish priest or deacon and add a sentence about what they do to help the parish celebrate. 

File icon: docx Document97 (3).docx [docx 296KB] Click to download

Tuesday 12th January 2021

Good Morning Robins, 

Than you for all the work you have sent in through Seesaw it's so nice to see all of your video's and messages. If you are completing your own work at home please send me in your pictures through Seesaw as I would love to see them.

Have a lovely day

Miss Cox

Monday 11th January

Good Morning Robins!

We hope you had a fabulous weekend and did some activities you enjoy and find relaxing.

Today, there are some exciting changes to our online learning. Attached below, you will find an 'Online Learning Timetable' for the week. It has ALL your learning in it for the week, including the links to the teaching videos that you must watch each day. 

We will ask you to complete and upload some of your learning this week to SeeSaw. Then, your teachers will be able to check your work and give you feedback.

*EXCITING NEWS* - On Friday 15th January, we are going to upload a video of us to SeeSaw reading you a story because we really miss reading to you. We may ask you some questions about the story that you can respond to using the SeeSaw App.

We are looking forward to seeing and commenting on the work you complete this week.  

Miss Cox and Mrs Moruzzi

File icon: pdf PDF Reception Online Learning Timetable - Spring 1 Week 2.pdf [pdf 704KB] Click to download

Fun Friday 8th January 

It's Friday and from now on in Early Years this day will be known as 'Fun Friday'. A day for us to get creative and really engage our imaginations. 

Below you will find the activities we would like you to complete.


Parents if you are having any difficultiy logging on to any of the online resources please contact the office and let us know and we will do what we can to support. 


We look forward to seeing your wonderful work




Miss Cox and Mrs Moruzzi




Your task today is to design your own Superhero costume. 

We want you to do this because to us you are  superheros and all great superheros need a costume. 

You can do this by:

drawing a picture

dressing up as one (you do not need to buy a costume you can use your clothes and material at home- get creative)


We would like you to give us a description of you as a Super Hero

Questions to think about:

What is your Super hero name?   

What are your Super powers? You can have more than one .       Are you a super listener -a child with excellent hearing, who only ever needs to be told something once.

 Are you a super smiler -You light up the room and when you smile, all those around you smile as well.

Describe your outfit 

  • What colours are in your costume?
  • Label your clothes - Red cape, yellow boots
  • Have you included any special gadgets or items to your design- Does your outfit light up in the dark?, Do you have a sweet dispenser? 


You can help them to scribe their pictures or encourage them to label their pictures using their phonics

Video of them talking about their pictures 

A video or them dressed as a superhero and discussing their clothes and powers.

These can be uploaded onto Seesaw and we can then save them to your profiles and also give you some feedback. 

To count six objects reliably

Playing tea parties gives context in this lesson as children learn to count to six.


Parent Preparation

I have attached the worksheets below if you want to print it out however it does come on the screen during the lesson and children can still inteact with that part of the learning.

Ordering the numbers- You can use the printed sheet attached or you can draw out 6 cupcakes. One will have 1 candle, the other 2 candles and so on. The children can still complete the ordering task set by ordering the cupcakes in order depending on the amount of candles. 

Concrete learning- to build on this lesson, your child can help set the table for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Thoughtful Thursday 6th January 2021

Good morning 

From now on Thursdays in the Early Years will be known as 'Thoughtful Thursdays'. Would you like to know our thoughts? Well we are so proud of you all. It is hard not being able to come into school and we miss you however we know it is for the right reasons and that makes you all our little heros. keep up with all the hard work you are doing at home.


Parents you have been emailed with Passwords to log into SeeSaw. These will also be included in your home learning packs. This is a fantastic resource so we are eager for you all to access it. 


Have a Fantastic day


Miss Cox and Mrs Moruzzi


The Colour Monster

As part of our 'Thoughtful Thursday' we would like the children to listen to the story of The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas. Click on the picture above to take you to the Youtube link. 

We looked at this book in September and it was a great resource for the children to use to explain their feelings. With everything that is going on it is important that we can discuss our feelings with each other so that we do not keep them bottled up . It is good to remind the children that we can feel mulitple feelings throughout the day and that the feeling is always okay, it's how we choose to express our feelings that matter. For example if we feel sad, it is okay to cry but to know that the feeling will pass and to know that we won't be sad forever. If we feel angry or frustrated, thats okay however if we lash out or scream at someone that is not okay. We could instead squeeze playdough, stomp our feet, get some fresh air etc.  

To count reliably to 5

Click on the picutre above to access the lesson.

This lesson supports children's understanding of counting to five, writing the numeral and pictorially representing this amount.


Parent Preparation

Either print off the worksheet or have a look and draw out one. 

In the video the children are asked to cut the squares out. If you are happy for them to do this they will need scissors if not you can have it prepared for them. 

They will need objects to count with. this can be anything such as lego, counters, pasta pieces. 

The video asks for paint however the task at the end of the video is to draw out the numbers. They can use paint or it can be swapped out for felt tips, colouring pencils or chalk.



Starting Monday 11the January

To make things easier we will put up the Literacy and Maths lessons on and links to be completed over a two week period. This allows some flexibility in when the work is completed but also that the children really understand what they are doing. It is okay to recap if you feel they need to consolidate the learning further. For Literacy we will be using Oak Academy and for Maths we will be using White Rose.  You can click on the lessons and complete them in order- lesson one followed by lesson 2 etc.


Every week a Maths challenge and task will be set on Sumdog. It will be available all week for completion. The more familiar we get with these online resources I can begin adding more to give you the option of completing more throughout the week if you choose. 

Seesaw- Games and activities will be assigned. There is also a way for you to upload photos and videos of any current work the children have completed or show and tells and it allows us to comment on it as well as saving to their profile.

Each Day:

Reading on Bug Club for 15 minutes. You can revisit the same book over the week. This will give the children a chance to remember their tricky words, have a flow in their reading as the week goes on and as their familiarity with the book strengthens it will build confidence in their reading. You can also ask them questions about the story to help build comprehension skills.  

Phonics- We are using this opportunity at home to recap and consolidate our phase two sounds.  Every Monday we will uploaded the phonic videos that correspond with the sounds they will complete throughout the week.  The children can watch and complete activities. In the home packs there is also a Phase 2 Phonics booklet where the children can complete a sound a day.

Play-Play is such an important part of children’s development. It aids and develops problem solving, language and many other skills. Things to consider at home is organising their play slightly. For example if they are playing with playdough you can encourage them to make something or an amount for something i.e. Can you make 5 caterpillars.  On daily walks you can incorporate learning by looking for shapes, numbers, initial sounds on signs, describing the weather, looking for something they find interesting.

Communication and Language Development -Children at this age are often engaged in daily play with their peers. During this time they will be talking with each other as well as listening and responding. It is really important that the conversations and play continues. I know this can be difficult in the current circumstances but dedicating at least 30mins every day to join in their play and comment, discuss, question and converse will allow these communication skills to remain and continue to develop.


Writing- Every day the children should practice writing their name. They can do this by tracing over their name cards, copying their name or writing it independently.  It is important that children get into the habit of writing their name beginning with a capital letter and the rest in lower case. If they are ready to move past this they can begin sounding out and writing words or labelling their pictures with initial sounds. If they really want to write more they can copy sentences from a book or one that you have scribed for them. If you need more advice we can discuss it further during our catch up phone calls.



As well as the above

Every day the children will be set tasks to complete throughout the day that will cover all areas of learning in the EYFS. We have decided to give each day a fun name that will focus on the other areas that need to be covered in foundation stage.

Muscle Mondays – we will set an activity to help strengthen fine and gross motor skills and health and wellbeing. (Physical development and health and wellbeing)

Thinking Tuesday- This will be a problem solving activity/ game (understanding of the world)

Worship Wednesday – Children will be set an RE task

Thoughtful Thursday- This will be aimed at their Personal Social and Emotional Development

Fun Friday – A day to get creative and messy (EAD)


I will continue to set tasks for the reminder of the week so continue to check the Home Learning Page every day.

I will be calling you over the next two days so if you have any questions or need help with any of the logins we can sort it out and start fresh accessing all that online learning has to offer on Monday. If you have issues with sharing devices we can also support working out a schedule.  


Wednesday 6th January 

Home packs are available to be collected from the school office from Wednesday 6th January. The time slots are between 10:00am-12pm and 1:00-2:45pm. These are for any parents who would prefer printed resources and activities.  The resources include a Phase 2 Phonics booklet, an exercise book that can be used when completing online activities ( a way of keeping everything in one place), Some math worksheets and passwords for Seesaw and Bug club.


Children need to have access to the following:

Time during the day to have access to online learning. The Royal Oak Academy allows for the children to access lessons and tasks which will continue their learning and development. A morning time slot is better for younger brains.

Log into their Bug Club (passwords have been sent home a few times now however they will be included in their learning packs)- This is a great resource for accessing Phonic sounds and tasks . They will also need to be logged in to access the reading books. Unfortunately we cannot send home any physical books so this online resource is very important for developing their reading.

A folder or exercise book where all records of learning can be kept together in one place.

Playdough – this can either be bought already made or can be made from scratch (we have included a playdough recipe in previous but many also also be found online). We use Playdough to develop our fine motor skills and some days we will set tasks where playdough can be used.  


Develop an understanding about the number four

Click on the picture to take you to the Royal oak Lesson 


In this lesson children work with a five frame to support their understanding of the number four.


Parent Preparation -

Bricks - Lego , building blocks, pasta pieces

Draw out  5 x five frame on a piece of paper (here is an example of a 5 Frame)




Today is very special day as it is Epiphany. Epiphany celebrates the day that the three Wise Men went to visit Jesus.


"Arise Shine, For your light has come, The glory of the Lord has dawned upon you" -Isaiah 60:1


Can you remember what gifts they gave him? What gift would you have brought Jesus? Can you remeber how they knew something very special was happening? what did they follow?


In Europe the 6th January is a special holiday celebrating the Epiphany

We have attached a Youtube Link to the story of La Befana.

This is a delightful reading of the favorite Italian Christmas story about an eccentric old woman and her never-ending search for the Baby King. This story was written by Tomie DePaola.

RE Local Church

In EYFS children will explore what a celebration is and be able to name different family and school celebrations. They will go on to look at celebrations in the local parish church. Children will hear the story of how Mary and Joseph took baby Jesus to the Temple to present him to God and how they met Simeon and Anna there.

Week 1: Discover what a celebration is, the elements of celebration and how people celebrate

Discuss with your child what ‘celebrations’ they know about already. If you have any photographs of celebrations such as birthdays or parities talk about them and why they are special. Write down celebrations using a spider diagram or make a poster.

Tuesday 5th January 2021

Good Morning


We hope you are well and that you were able to come up with some New Year's Resolutions to start of this term.

Below you will find information of what we would like you to do today. 


Happy National Bird Day

We would like you to find out some fun facts about our class bird. 

You can make a poster, video presntation or draw a picture of our class bird.   

Did you know that the Albatross bird can sleep while it flies? How does it know where it is going. How interesting!

To count four objects reliably

Here is the Link for Oak Academy


During this lesson children will count to four and down from four. They will learn how to form the number and match numerals to pictures and concrete objects. Additionally children will begin to touch upon the idea that four is greater than three etc.

Show and Tell

We would love to know what you got up to on your Christmas holidays. 

You can do this in the following ways:

Video a show and tell, you can tell us about what you got up to, show us your toys.

Draw and label a picture of a toy you received or something you did on the holidays

To understand the difference between hot and cold (UW)

Here is the link to the Oak Academy Lesson

In this set of lessons we learn about the coldest season Winter alongside recognising things that are hot and cold. In this lesson with Miss Hughes, we identify things that are hot and things that are cold. We end the lesson by conducting an experiment using ice cubes. If you want an additional layer of challenge, freeze small toys in your ice cubes and see if you can help them to break free. This experiment must be conducted with an adult present at all times.

Monday 4th January 2021

Dear Reception Robins

Happy New Year 2021 I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your families and I hope you are all well. 

Welcome back to a new term although a very different one as we won’t actually be in school, instead we will be using the Seesaw classroom app to do our lessons with. I will send you a code for the app which will give you access to the home learning. Once your work is completed, I will be able to see it and comment on it. This term we have an exciting topic ‘Dinosaurs’ and I look forward to setting you some new work for you to complete. 

For today I have linked some activities for you to complete. 

New Year's Resolution

A New Year’s resolution is a promise usually made by people at the start of the year for them to complete. What do you think you could do your new year’s resolution? It could be helping your parents, washing up, tidying your room or whatever you think you could do to help. 

There is also a PowerPoint below that you can check out that tells you about the traditions normally celebrated at this time of year and I have included a worksheet for you to fill in titled ‘My New Year’s resolutions.’ 

File icon: pdf T-T-25744-New-Year-Resolution-Stars_ver_3 (2).pdf [pdf 37KB] Click to download
File icon: pptx [574877]All_About_New_Year_ (1).pptx [pptx 3MB] Click to download

Robins (Reception)


Holiday Homework

Dear Parents

Please take some time to continue to reinforce the skills that children have been learning. 


Bug club- recapping over phonic sounds, completing the reading books assigned.

Phonics workbook and sound mat.

Blending and segmenting 

Christmas Maths- How many christmas trees can you spot? how many baubles do you think are on our tree? how many plates will we set out for dinner? 

Independence skills- dressing themselves, tidying their rooms

Communication- Lots of talking and encouraging repsonses to your questions or their comments to be said using full sentences.


The most important homework for me to assign is to have fun. These are strange and difficult times but we are a community and we are in this together. I look forward to seeing you all in the new year.


Happy Christmas

Dear parents


We had a wonderful and very festive last week of term where we were lucky to experience a visit from Santa (we were so excited), watch a virtual pantomine and make special christmas gifts for our families.  We also attended the movie premier of our Nativity 'A miracle in Town'.  Miss Cox said we were wonderful and that we should be so proud of ourselves. This is everlasting proof of what we can achieve if we work hard and try our very best.

Our class Elf 'Elfie on the Shelfie' returned to our class with a special christmas card from Santa. He wanted to let us know that Elfie had reported to him that we are a class of kind hearts and souls and that we impressed him with our team work. 


A message from Reception Team- Dear Parents and children, we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Friday 11th December 2020


Well done to all the children in the Foundation Stage for all the effort and hard work they put into every rehersal and into their final performance. What an experience! It is the first time they have performed in front of professional film makers and they did so well. 


We are into our second week of Advent. We have been learning about what each of the candles represent. We light a second purple candle on the second Sunday of Advent to represent the hope of Christ coming to the world. We also made our Advent promises. They were about being helpful and kind to others. 

Our Class Elf

We would like to introduce our class Elf called 'Elfie on the Shelfie' or 'Elfie' for short. We had so many ideas on what to call him so we told Miss Cox our suggestions. She wrote them all down and placed them in a tray. She then picked one out and that is how we decided his name.  He has been rather naughty this week. He has covered our toilet sink in soap, sprinkled fake snow on all our tables and removed and hidden all the magnetic pieces to our daily calander (we had to work as a team to first find all the pieces and then reassemble). Miss cox has him on her desk and is keeping a close eye on him for now. Hopefully he will behave over the weekend.


This week we have been reading the story ‘The Jolly Postman Christmas’ by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. It inspired us to write our own letters to our friends and also a very special letter for Santa. In our letter to Santa we told him the toy we would like but also wrote him a special message to say thank you.  We left the letters with our Class Elf and guess what? The next day Elfie and the letters were gone.  Two days later he returned and we found him on the side holding a letter. It said that Santa had received our letters and that he was very happy for all the additional messages thanking him for all his hard work.

Friday 4th December 2020

This week we have been continuing our rehearsals for the Foundation Stage Nativity. The children are very excited to perform it on Wednesday for the cameras. They have been working very hard and continue to improve as actors and performers.

For Literacy we have been applying our ‘Talk for writing' skills when retelling the story of Jesus’ birth. We have been using stick puppets to act it out and we have also sequenced the story on our story maps.  

For maths we have been looking at patterns and shapes as we have designed our own baubles for our class Christmas tree.

For RE we have begun learning about Advent. We spoke about 'The Annunciation' where Angel Gabriel appears to Mary to tell her that she has been chosen to be the mother of Jesus. 

We have been decorating our classroom making it very festive and Christmassy especially in our role play area. .

Next week we will be writing our letters to Santa and practicing our wrapping skills.



Food- Try something new.

This week we have been speaking about food we like and dislike. We spoke about how as we are growing up and changing physically e.g. getting stronger, taller etc our taste buds change a little as well. Something we did not like we were younger is not necessarily something we would dislike now that we are a little older. With this in mind I set them a challenge to try some new food. If we give it a go and do not like it we can always wash the taste away with a little drink of water. We discussed how they have fallen off their bikes, fallen over running and hurt their knees but that has not stopped getting back up and running and scooting again. We talked about how trying new food is painless in comparison to hurting our knees or arms so it is not something we are going to be afraid of. We are going to be brave and try new things. 

Friday 27th November 2020

Anti Bullying Week

This week we have discussed Bullying and the negative  impact it can have on another person. We have been focussing on how we help and uplift others rather than bring them down. The Robins know that kindness is so important and what Jesus inspires in all of us. In Class we recite this phrase everyday to remind us of what kind of person we want to be we say "Kind hands, kind heart and kind words". During circle time sessions we often share examples of ways we have helped others and been a good friend.

Well done Robins for setting a lovely example for Nursery and for building strong friendships full of love, kindness and respect. 


It is so important for children to speak in full sentences, whether they are asking or answering questions or sharing news. Speaking in sentences helps your child to:

  • increase and develop their vocabulary
  •  allows them opportunites to speak in the correct tense (I went to the park instead of I go'd to the park)
  • will help with their writing- It is easier to think, organise and write a sentence if you are used to speaking in a sentence. 

Ways you can help at home

  • Encourage them to speak and respond to you using full sentences. An example would be : Parent "what would you like to drink?" A child may respond with "water" however you could encourage them to respond in a full sentence  "I would like some water please"

Nativity Practise

Thank you for helping your children to learn their lines. We have been so impressed with how quickly they have learned them. Our Nativity practise is well under way and the children are rehearsing and working hard. We are developing our preforming skills such as singing, acting, timings and projecting our voices. 

Friday 13th November

Today is “Children in need day” and we started our day with a Jo Wicks workout. Joe Wicks has created a video specifically tailored for EYFS, and our little ones loved Joe Wicks giving us a special morning energiser.

We also had Pudsey on hand with his Yoga Moves to help get our class stretching and ready for the day.

Don’t forget to watch tonight and help Pudsey raise lots of money for children in need.


This week we have been reading the story of “The Tiger who came to tea” and something very strange happened. The tiger visited the Foundation Stage and we saw it on the camera, so we followed his footprints and realised that he’d drunk all of our milk. He also ate all our biscuits and drank all the tea in the teapot.  We decided, just like Sophie in the story, to buy a very large tin of tiger food and make a large pot of tea just in case he returns.


Remembrance Day

During our R.E. lesson we discussed the importance of Remembrance Day and all the people that had died during the 1st and 2nd World Wars. We also spoke about how important it was that we pay our respects to all the soldiers by making a poppy to remember them by and respecting the one-minute silence on Wednesday 11th November. Each child then had the opportunity to make their own poppy which was then added to the display.


Friday 6th November 2020


For maths this week we have been focusing on numbers 1- 5. We have been practicing our number formation but also learning that numbers represents an amount. 

Sharing news

Every morning during the register the children are asked to share something interesting they have seen on the way to school. The children have noticed and described wonderful things such as 'huge trucks', 'glittering leaves' and 'two birds flying together'. We are going to continue doing this as it is great for language and vocabulary. A way you can help is to remind them to look out for interestings things on the way into school and help them to describe them. 

Remember Remember the 5th of November 

On Thursday the Foundation stage learnt all there is to know about fireworks and about Guy Faulks and the gun powder plot. We splatter painted our very own picture of a fireworks display. We also made paper sparklers and then we zoomed around the playground pretending they were real. We may not have had a proper bonfire night this year, but the Foundation stage certainly enjoyed their own alternative bonfire night.


Bug Club - This week phonics sounds have all been allocated so the children can recap them. 

Books ahve been allocated along with some activities. 


This Sunday is remeberence Sunday. The children have been introduced to the reasons behind this and we looked at previous ceremonies at the Cenotaph during our carpet session. It would be great if you can discuss this further with your children over the weekend. Next week we will be  making our poppies and wreaths and learning more about what this flower means and represents. 

Bug club over half term

I have allocated the sounds we have been learning so far. There is a video to practice the phoneme sound, along with some reading and writing practice. I have also allocated some reading books that correspond with the sounds that have been taught and gives them the opportunity to practice applying this in their reading. They are still very new to this learning so may need your support especially with blending the sounds together.

Fine Motor Skill development and strengthening 

Strengthening the muscles in our fingers goes a long way in supporting children with their writing. 

Lots of inspiration and ideas can be found online if you search 'Fine Motor Skills'. 

Some ideas include:

Playing with playdough (recipies can be found online)

Threading using dried spagetti and penne pasta 

Cutting using scissors 

using pegs - attactching them to paper, washing lines etc




Numbers- what numbers can you spot on your half term adventures?.

Number walk: You can seem them on doors, buses, posters etc.

Shapes. Everything is made out of shapes.

Shape walk- What shapes can you spot in your environment?. Indoors and outdoors


Friday 23rd October

This week we have been reading the story 'Room on The Broom' by Julia Donaldson. We know the story really well and can join in with key phrases. For our work we have made potions and designed our own magnificent booms. We also created magic wands that double up as pencils which we have taken home to use to do some magical drawings and writing. We have been working hard to develop and stregthen our finger muscles and one of the activites we have been doing is making playdough monsters.All that pushing, squishing and moulding is great for developing our finger muscles as well as being lots and lots of fun. 


The children have worked so hard this half term and have settled well. I wish you all a lovely half term and look forward to seeing you all in the new term. 

Friday 16th October 

We have had another busy and productive week in Reception. As part of our Black History Month learning we have celebrating Caribbean cusine and roleplaying this in our own 'Taste of the Caribbean' resturant. We have also been learning about hair. The differences in  colour, texture and styles and have been reading a brilliant book called 'My Hair' written by Hannah Lee. The story is about a young black female who is deciding how she would like her hair styled for her upcoming birthday. She takes inspiration from all the wonderful women in her life and the hairstyles they have. This has tied in well with our term topic and Re topic which is all about celebrating the ways in which we are similar but also all the wonderful ways we are different and how our individuality makes us special and unique. 



We have began phase two phonics this week and have learned four new sounds 's' 'a' 't' 'p' . This weeks homework on Bug Club is linked to this new learning. I have sent home Bug Club Logins again so please log on and complete.


For our current RE topic we are looking at Baptism. If you have any photos of your child being baptised we would love for them to bring them in so we can add to our display. 


Friday 9th October 

Well done to all of you for partcipating in this years Mini London Marathon. You all did amazingly well and I am so proud of you all.

This week we have finished phase 1 phonics and will be moving on to phase 2 on Monday.  You have all been working very hard on building your segmenting and blending skills and as we start learning more of our sounds this will bring on our reading and writing. 

We have been reading the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears and I have been so impressed with your retelling of the story, especially when you act it out and use different voices for each characters. For maths we have been comparing sizes of objects and using terms such as tiny, small, medium, large and enormous and we have been putting objects into size order.


Reading- I have allocated two Lillac books which you can access via Bug Club. You can also ask your children to retell the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. You will not be disappointed. 

Phonics - Please continue with Silly soup and Metal Mike , segmenting and Blending. Alphablocks is also great for demonstrating segmenting and blending words and can be found on the BBC website.

Maths- Order yourselves in height order as a family.

Welcome to Reception 


Welcome to Reception. It has been so lovely to see you and your smiling faces. You have settled in so well and it’s been so nice to see you catching up with old friends and making new ones.  This week we have been doing lots of fun things such as drawing, construction, outdoor play, bikes, cars, home corner and many more things. We also have a new class name ...we are the Robins. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you on Monday.

On the school website there is a section about “Returning to School” There is a selection of e books that you can access for your information. 

Friday 2nd October - Homework 

Continuing on with our phonics learning. 

This week we made 'Metal Mike' our class Phonics Robot. 'Metal Mike' speaks only in sounds and our job is to listen to what he sounds out and blend it together. 

Metal Mike's song

I'm a little Metal Robot you can see me walk

I use special sounds to help me talk

Listen to me speaking sounding out the words _ _ _ (sound out a word) 

Now what was the word you heard


It would be great if the children could make their own Robot at home. All you need is a box, some tin foil and some rolls from a toilet roll or kitchen roll. Parents your job is to sound out words to everday objects and encourage your child to blend it together. Some examples: parents you would say  b- e - d  child would blend together and say bed, sp-oo-n  spoon , ch-air chair , b-a-g  bag.  

Friday 2nd October

Another Great week in Reception. This week we have been learning about our feelings and emotions. We have been using a wonderful book called 'The Colour Monster' by Anna Llenas to help us. It is an insightful story about a monster who needs help and support identifying his feelings. With the help of a friend the Colour Monster is able to identify his feelings and seperate them into colours. The monster is then given ideas and options on the best way to manage these feelings and how to reach out and ask for help. We have really enjoyed learning about different emotions and corresponding colours. During our circle time activities we have been able to share our feelings by saying/ showing what colour we are feeling as well as giving examples of times we have felt certain emotions and why. 

Poetry Week

This week has been Poetry week. The children learned a poem called "Have A Ball' by cartonist Joe Morh. It was a poem about taking care of the earth. The children performed it for the whole school via zoom and did an amazing performance. I am super proud of all of them. We made a display using the earths they painted during the week. Well done Robins on your excellent poetry work this week. 

Curriculum Newsletter Autumn 1

Each term there will be a curriculum newsletter with information about what your child will be learning throughout the term.

File icon: pdf Reception Autumn 1 curriculum newsletter.pdf [pdf 332KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Reception Autumn 1 curriculum newsletter.pdf [pdf 332KB] Click to download

RE Newsletter for Autumn term  

Each term there will be a RE newsletter with information about what your child will be learning throughout the term as well as special dates.

File icon: pdf RE Newsletter Autumn 2020.pdf [pdf 708KB] Click to download

Friday 18th September 2020

Dear children

We have had such a lovely week in Reception.  You have worked so hard and are really following the school golden rules, especially our new 'keeping everyone safe' rules.  We've been so lucky with the weather that we've managed to do lots of outdoor activities such as construction, water play and also PE with Mr Adams.
The book we are currently reading is called  'After the Fall' by Dan Santat. This book is a follow up to the familiar nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty and what life was like for him after his fall off the wall. It looks at how this accident resulted in Humpty Dumpty developing a fear of heights which stops him from partcipating in his favourite activity, which is bird watching from up high . It then looks in to how he overcomes his fear and climbs up that ladder, taking on step at a time, until he reaches the top. As part of our literacy and PSED focus the children were asked to draw a picture from a part of the story and were then involved in a discussion about it.  You all really grasped the message about how it is okay to feel sad and afraid but that we keep moving forward, keep trying our best to find a way to get back on that ladder, and climb back to the top. 
I hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you next week. 

18th September 2020

Reception Meeting 

Dear parents

Thank you to those who were able to make the Reception Welcome Meeting held earlier today. I am uploading the Powerpoint with the information discussed today. If you have any questions please email the office (email address is found in powerpoint). 

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend


File icon: pdf SMA Welcome Meeting Robins.pdf [pdf 449KB] Click to download

25th September 2020

I have attached some documents with further information about Bug Club

File icon: pdf Bug_club_parent_slides_for website.pdf [pdf 6MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf how_pupils_can_access_BugClubPhonics_ebooks_and_games.pdf [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Letter_to_parents Reception.pdf [pdf 216KB] Click to download

25th September 2020

Another fantastic week in Reception. We have been very busy and working very hard.  As part of our topic ‘Family Fortunes’ we have been talking about our homes and families. We have been sharing with the class some of the adventures and experiences we have had with our families. We enjoyed drawing pictures of ourselves with our families. Miss Cox is going to display all of them in the classroom. She said they are beautiful.

For literacy we retold and sequenced the story ‘After the Fall’, Miss Cox has been very impressed with how well we know the story. In Mathematics we have been looking at ways we can sort and match objects. In Phonics we have been making some very ‘silly soup’ adding objects we have found around the classroom based on the initial sound Miss Cox said aloud. We have also been learning about what it means to be a kind friend.

Next week we will begin reading the story ‘The Colour Monster’ as a class.


This week I have assigned each child a Liliac book which they can access and complete with you via Bug Club.

I have also attached a phonics activity. This will support and reinforce the learning they have been doing this week. 

File icon: pdf A1 w3 silly soup homework.pdf [pdf 322KB] Click to download