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Spring 1 - Curriculum Newsletter 

Hello Swifts,

As a new term is starting we would like to share with you what we will be learning this this term.

Please find attached our:

  • Curriculum Newsletter
  • Spring RE - Newsletter
  • Relationship and Health Education (RHE) information
  • Knowledge Organiser on our Adventurers topic - Law and Order 

Miss Percival 

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Thursday 5th May 

Good Morning Swifts, 

Here are some lessons for you to complete today. 

MathsYear 3 - Please watch the video titled 'Fractions of a set of objects (3)' and then answer the questions on the worksheet that were sent home with you yesterday.  I have attached the worksheet for you incase you did not get it.  https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning?year=year-3

Year 4 - Please watch the video titled 'Fractions of a set of objects (2)' and then answer the quetions on the worksheet that were sent home with you yesterday.  I have attached the worksheet for you incase you did not get it.  


Book Talk - Please watch the YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENr41ZJ8t9w about the cutest baby animals from 'Our Planet Clip' and then answer the questions on the worksheet that was sent home with you yesterday.   I have attached the worksheet for you incase you did not get it.  

English - Today we are learning about prepositions.  Please go through the slideshow to introduce you to what prepositions are and then complete the worksheet that was sent home with you yesterday.  I can't wait to read your fantastic sentences tomorrow!

Science -  What are melting points and boiling points? - Please watch the video on National Oak Acadamy - In this lesson, we will learn about how scientists measure temperature, two major 'fixed points' of a substance (melting and boiling point) and how we can determine the state of matter of a substance at a particular temperature when given these fixed points.  https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/what-are-melting-points-and-boiling-points-6djp8r

Times Table Rockstars - Please log on to times table rockstars for at least 10 minutes, Practice, practice, practice it is the only way we will get better. 

Once you have completed your work we would like you to enjoy the rest of your day! See you tomorrow =) 

Miss Percival  


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Welcome to Year 3 & 4! 

Welcome to Year 3 and Year 4 Swifts! I am so excited for a whole year of learning with you all. You have had a great first week back at school so far.

Thank you to all of the parents/carers who attended our welcome meetings this week. For those of you who were unable to attend, the slides are attached below & handouts have been sent home. 

Looking forward to a brilliant and fun year of learning with you all,

Miss Percival. 

Click to Download SMA Welcome Meeting Year 3 [pdf 958KB] Click to Download
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Friday 1st April 2022

What a last week of Spring term we have had in the Swifts class! Thank you to all of the parents and family members who managed to come to our Lenten Prayer Service - we really hope you enjoyed it and made some time to reflect.

This week, we were very lucky to get to visit Forest School again! We had a great time getting to look at the life cycle of a frog, seeing some real tadpoles, going on a Spring hunt and making nests for birds using natural resources. 

We even got to visit the chicks in Nursery! 

I hope you have a wonderful Easter break - remember to try to read everyday on Bug Club and spend 5 minutes a day practising your times tables on Times Table Rockstars.

Miss Percival :)


St Mary of the Angels have been celebrating STEAM week which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths. This year's British Science Week theme is 'growth'. We have found examples of growth within all subjects around us, making it an excellent starting point for a celebration of SCIENCE. Continue sending in your posters based on this theme for our school competition. Your poster could explore a tadpole's journey into a fully grown adult frog or a seed's growth journey into a baeutiful flower. We are looking forward to seeing your ideas!

We also had visitors from local businesses leading 'Escape to Tech Valley'. We had to complete many brain teasers and activities to ESCAPE!



Prayer Service

Dear Parents/Carers,

You are invited to come and join us on Friday 18th March at 3pm to watch and participate in Swifts Prayer service. This is an opportunity for parents, children and staff to gather together for an act of collective worship. 
We hope to see you there.

Many thanks,

Miss Percival, Mrs Murphy & Mrs Tavernier.



Friday 11th February 2022

What a week we have had in the Swifts! We've had the best time ever exploring Forest School on Monday and then taking part in the 1066 History Project - can you remember what we have learnt about the Battle of Hastings or what we worked together to build in Forest School?

Have a lovely half term,

Miss Percival. 


Friday 4th February 2022

The Swifts have had so much fun during our science lessons this week! We were fortunate to have a live lesson led by STEM Ambassadors – a vet, a Doctor and a biologist. In the lesson, we learnt about:

  • How are animal’s teeth different to each other depending on what they eat?
  • What parts are in the digestive system of a human and what do they do?
  • Why are human teeth different shapes?

We then challenged ourselves to stick together the different parts of our digestive system together and explain what each part does. I certainly was a very impressed teacher, I think we have some future doctors in our class!  

Times Tables Rockstars!

Exciting news!! You have a Times Tables Rock Stars login. Click here to login.  Please try logging in and giving it a try. Remember, you goal is to become a Rock Hero! We know you can do it! 

Click here to find out more about Times Tables Rockstars.  

Friday 22nd October 2021

Swifts, we've had a brilliant first half term! I am so proud of you for everything that you have achieved.

This week, we all went green for CAFOD to raise money for families and communities overseas. We also finished writing our adventure stories and researched the man who invented the World Wide Web - Tim Berners Lee! 

I hope you all have a wonderful half term and stay safe and well,

Miss Percival. 

'World Space Week'

Wow Swifts, what a wonderful week we have had. Excitingly, this week was 'World Space Week'. On Monday, we celebrated this with a live lesson, where we heard from Professor Brian Cox and even got to design our own moon buggy! We have also been focusing on this in our Book Talk lessons, where we learnt about the astronaut Mae Jemison, who became the first African American woman in space.

You also did a fantastic job performing our poem 'The Door' in our outdoor assembly on Thursday afternoon. I was extremely proud of you all and it was wonderful to watch all of the other classes in the school perform too. 

Please continue to read every day at home, using BugClub online or physical books, as well as trying your best to learn your times tables and spellings. 

Challenge: Can you put this message into Morse Code - Have a great weekend Swifts!

Miss Percival


We've had a great week in Swifts. This week, we have begun our new topic 'Lightning Speed'. Please see last week's Curriculum Newsletter for more information on what we will be learning. 
We have watched the story for our new visual literacy unit 'Soar' and begun learning our story map. Ask your child at home if they can tell you what happens in the story. We've also been very busy learning about all the different ways people used to communicate, going back as far as cave paintings!

For homework this week, I would like you to learn the attached poem 'The Door' by heart. On Thursday, we will be virtually performing it in front of the whole school to celebrate National Poetry Week. 

Miss Percival.

Click to Download Poetry Homework [pdf 47KB] Click to Download

'The Promise'

What a fantastic 2 weeks we have had in the Swifts. We have been doing some wonderful things! Our story we have been focusing on was 'The Promise' by Nicola Davies.  We have learnt how important Green Spaces in urban areas are and we have had some very passionate conservationists in our class who have created some beautiful posters.  They have all made me the proudest teacher!

Attached is this half term's Curriculum Newsletter which contains details about what your child will be learning.

Miss Percival.



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