Goldfinches Class 2022/2023

Welcome to Year 1 / 2

Our Reading Area October 2022

After learning about 'The Creation Story' in Religious Education, Goldfinches had a big discussion about why it is important to care for the Earth and all of God's creations. The children decided that gardens are one of their favourite parts of nature so we have created a 'Reading Garden' within our class that is a calming space for the children to read.

Things you might find in the garden are; painted butterflies, tissue paper flowers, drawn covers of the children's favourite books, and currently, an assortment of books about animals, forests, oceans, the Earth or the environment that the children picked out from our school library. We also have a  few plants that we are taking turns to water, because we now know how important it is to care for the enviornment, especially our reading garden.

A few thoughts about our reading Garden from Goldfinch students;

"Our reading garden makes us feel calm" - Shalom

"We have to look after all of God's creations" - Faustine

"Make sure to look after all the special books" - Zaza