Kingfishers Class 2022/2023

Welcome to Year 2

Forest School 

We have had a brilliant time at Forest School! It was a cold and windy day, so Miranda and Jenny lit a fire to keep us nice and warm whilst we had our juice.
We got to go on a 'blind trail' - we had to work together and communicate to help our partner around the trail. We then swapped round so our partner could have a go.

We love going to Forest School and can't wait for our next visit. 

Our Reading Area October 2022

In Kingfishers Class, our inspiration for the book corner was books themselves. We truly believe that books take you books take you to another place and that you really can fly away with books! 

Our hot air balloons feature lots of different book covers by lots of our favourite authors that we love to read. Our book corner is organised into themes such as fairytales, animals, Bible stories, monsters and so many more! 

We also love our new cosy corner where we sit down and read to our animal reading buddies!