Our first art competition!

Over the last few weeks of home learning, lots of you have taken part in St Mary of the Angels first ever Self Portrait competition! Here, we have posted all of your entries - can you guess who is who? Scroll down the page to see the staff entries - try to spot all the adults you know!

The results of the competition are posted below - well done to everyone who entered! 

Click to Download SMA Self-Portrait Winners [pdf 145KB] Click to Download

Early Years

Here are all the brilliant entry from Early Years - can you tell who is who? 

Can you identify the materials they've used?

Key Stage 1

Have a look through Key Stage 1's entries - can you spot your classmates?

Has any one used the same materials you did?

Key Stage 2

Look through the brilliant Key Stage 2 art - can you spot who is who?

What techniques have they used?

St Mary of the Angels Staff

Finally, here are the staff entries - can you spot your teachers?