Purple Mash

Purple Mash is an online creative space especially for learners aged 3 - 11. This award winning site is filled with hundreds of fun educational activities in the form of projects, games, apps and tools. You can access Purple Mash and your saved online files wherever you are and whenever you wish with your username and password given to you by your class teacher. Click on the Purple Mash logo or the links below to take you to our school's Purple Mash homepage.

Link: Purple Mash


Mathletics is an engaging, supportive online Maths learning platform designed to help you enjoy maths and improve your results. The activities and games are linked to what you are studying in school and there are lots of rewards to keep you motivated.

To access Mathletics, click on the image or the link below and enter the username and password given to you by your class teacher.

Link: Mathletics Pupil Log in