Special Educational Needs

Below is a summary of the principles underpinning the  SEN Code of Practice which becomes statutory in September 2014.

Local authorities, in carrying out their functions, must have regard to:

  • the views, wishes and feelings of the child or young person, and their parents; 
  • the importance of the child or young person, and their parents, participating as fully as possible in decisions; and being provided with the information and support necessary to enable participation in those decisions; 
  • the need to support the child or young person, and their parents, in order to facilitate the development of the child or young person and to help them achieve the best possible educational and other outcomes, preparing them effectively for adulthood.

These principles are designed to support: 

  • The involvement of children, parents and young people in decision making 
  • The identification of children and young people’s needs; 
  • Collaboration between education, health and social care services to provide support; 
  • High quality provision to meet the needs of children and young people with SEN; 
  • Greater choice and control for young people and parents over their support; 
  • Successful preparation for adulthood, including independent living and employment.

The Westminster ‘Local Offer’ is a guide to the services that are available for children and young people who have special educational needs and disabilities and can be found by clicking on the link below..


Westminster CIty Council Local Offer