Class P's Assembly: Wednesday 31st January 2018

God’s Promise

When you call for help

I will answer ‘Here I am’, and I will help you.

You, in your turn, be ready to help one another.

Be a kind friend and never a bully.

Don’t pick fights and be ready to make friends.

Instead of making fun of someone,

Try to find something good to say.

Share what you have

Especially with people who have little or nothing.

When you act like this everyone will be happy.

You are the light that shines in the dark;

You never know who will be cheered up.

Everyone who acts this way is working with God.

Everyone who acts this way

makes the world a better place.

(based on Isaiah 58:9-11)

Class JI's Assembly: Wednesday 24th January 2018

Class JI's assembly challenged us to be more kind to others. The renactment of Jesus choosing his twelve disciples reminded us that Jesus calls us all to follow Him and spread the Good News through our words and actions . We all  enjoyed the story of the queen and her two selfish brothers (Nursery thought it was hilarious watching the two brothers trying to eat with such long spoons) and were very touched by the heartfelt original poems shared on the theme of community and the violin playing. Thank you JI.


Click to Download Community [pdf 15KB] Click to Download
Click to Download Love Goes Round and Round [pdf 312KB] Click to Download

Class JN's Assembly: Wednesday 10th January 

Thank you JN for a wonderful assembly about unity and community.  Click on the link below to read an ocriginal rap perfomed during the assembly whcih sums up the theme of the assembly beatifully. We have accepted your challenge to be every day heroes by endeavouring to folllow Jesus in all we think, do and say.




Click to Download Community Rap [pdf 164KB] Click to Download