Poetry Workshop & Lord Mayor's Visit: Friday 20th November

Pupils in Herons class had an amazing day on Friday 20th November with two special visitors coming to see them, the first of which was the celebrated poet Coral Rumble. Coral, the winner of the Caterpillar Poetry Prize in 2018 for her wonderful poem 'Mustafa's Jumper' led the pupils in a day long poetry workshop during which she likened poets to comedians as they have a similar purpose - to entertain and perform! The pupils were encouraged to use similes and personification to create their very own poems and there were plenty of opportunities throughout the day for them to perform their original work. 

As if this wasn’t wonderful enough, the Lord Mayor of Westminster, Jonathan Glanz, paid a visit to our school to find out more about Carol's work with pupils in the borough as part of the Look North More Often project. The Lord Mayor greatly enjoyed listening to the children's poems and seeing them being performed - he even joined in with a word association game that Coral had taught the class which was great fun. We were delighted that The Lord Mayor had time to see our Mitzvah/World Day of the Poor charity work in action as pupils packed the last of our Vinnie Packs which will be donated to those in need all over London. He also got to meet our dedicated team of Mini Vinnies who, with Mrs Hough, take the lead in putting our faith into action through charitable giving.


The icing on the cake was when it was announced that three Year 6 pupils have been chosen to perform Julia Donaldson’s ‘The Christmas Pine’ for the annual tree ceremony in Trafalgar Square with their performance being filmed for BBC's The One Show'. More news to follow shortly.


To find our more information about Coral and her work visit https://www.coralrumble.co.uk

You can find out more about the role of The Lord Mayor of Westminster by clicking here.