Modern Foreign Language: Italian

At St. Mary of the Angels, we believe that all children should be equipped with the necessary skills to learn a Modern Foreign Language inside and outside the classroom. We want to ensure that all our children strengthen their abilities to learn Italian, appreciate Italian culture and value being a global citizen.  

We benefit from a longstanding partnership with the Italian Consulate that has funded a specialist teacher to teach Italian in our school since 2011. Although teaching a modern foreign language is not compulsory until Year 3, with the support pf the Consulate, we are able to provide weekly lessons for pupils in Reception through to Year 6. Children progress in their learning and build upon their prior knowledge as they move through the school.

Continuing with Italian throughout the school enables children to achieve a good level of fluency, confidence and skill in a foreign language which gives children the foundation they need to continue to learn languages.

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Click to Download Curriculum Overview Italian 2023 2024 [pdf 152KB] Click to Download
Click to Download Italian Learning objectives by Year group.docx [pdf 145KB] Click to Download

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