St. Mary of the Angels Parent Forum

The school's vision for the Parent Forum is that it continues to provide an opportunity for parents and carers to meet with senior school leaders and governors to celebrate what is going well in our school and share and discuss ideas for how we can improve the school even further for the children and families of St. Mary of the Angels. All parents and carers are members of the Parent Forum.

Mrs Wilson, the headteacher, is the chair of the Parent Forum and key members of staff relevant to the agenda items for each meeting will also be invited. A member of the governing body will be invited to attend each meeting.

The first meeting of the Parent Forum was held on January 14th 2016. It was agreed at the meeting that the forum would meet every half term and that a topic for discussion at the next meeting will be agreed in advance and shared with parents and carers via the school newsletter before the next meeting.

At the inaugural meeting on January 14th, all present were asked to discuss and identify things that the school does well (Stars) and things they would like school leaders to consider changing to improve the school (Wishes). 

Mrs Wilson and Mr Harrison, Acting Deputy Headteacher, were delighted to welcome over forty parents and carers to our first Parent Forum meeting of the new school year on Thursday 13th October 2016. There was a great turnout of parents new to the school  and all year groups were represented which helped ensure our discussions about what the school is doing well and areas that we could work together to improve had all the children and families of St. Mary of the Angels in mind.  The Forum also provided an opportunity for those gathered to see how discussions at last year’s Parent Form meetings had fed into our cycle of school improvement, particularly in the area of strengthening our partnership with parents and carers These included the following:

  • More detailed curriculum newsletters including more information on English and Maths to support learning at home
  • Increased parental involvement in the delivery of the curriculum through e.g. Art and Science Weeks where parents gave of their time and skills to enhance the learning experience for pupils
  • Wider range of clubs including a tennis club for KS1 pupils and a before school Running Club for pupils in Years 4, 5 & 6 run by a parent and member of staff
  • More detailed information re the schools key areas for improvement shared via the school website/newsletters

The ’Stars’ and ’Wishes’ discussed at the October 2016 meeting can be found by clicking on the menu on the left hand side of the screen. The 'Wishes’ once again will provide the basis for discussions at future meetings as follows:

  • Thursday 1st December: How we teach writing
  • Thursday 26th January: Homework

The presentation Miss Haughey, our Lead Teacher and English Subject Leader, shared at the December 2016 meeting can be downloaded from the menu on the left of the screen.

Parents and carers who are unable to attend the meetings can contribute their questions  prior to each meeting by emailing or in writing, posted in the Parent Forum letter box in the front office.

File icon: pdf English C Haughey Autumn 2017.pdf [pdf 2MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Stars- What the school does well - Oct 16.pdf [pdf 194KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Wishes- What the school could do better - Oct 16.pdf [pdf 190KB] Click to download