School Lunches

At St. Mary of the Angels we are very proud to have our own in-house catering team who provide a healthy and nutritious staff lunch for pupils and staff. Tina Coleman, our School Business Manager, is the school's Catering Manager and liaises closely with our Head Cook, Renato Vaccari and his team to provide a varied three choice, seasonal menu. We source our fresh meat, fish and produce from a variety of suppliers and our salad bar is very popular all year round.

The uptake of school lunches amongst pupils and staff is extremely high compared to neighbouring schools who are part of the council's school lunch contract which we believe is an indication of the the quality of the food on offer. 

PLease click on the link below for the the lunch menus for the Summer Term 2018 (April - July)

Cost and how to pay

Lunches are charged at £2.20 per day for pupils (£11 per week) and must be paid weekly or termly in advance unless your child is eligible for a free school meal (see more information below). The easiest way to pay and keep track of payments you have made is by paying online at To register, you will need to use the email address you have given to the school. Payment can also be made by cash or cheque via the school office by depositing your payment in a sealed envelope labelled 'School Lunch' along with your child's name, class and the amount of money contained in the 'School Payment' box in the school office. Receipts will be issued by a member of the school admin team and sent home with your child usually on the day your deposited the money. 

Please note: the school office is not a cash office and we do not have the facility to provide change or provide envelopes for payments. We kindly ask that all paperwork relating to any payments to the school office, including trips and clubs, is completed prior to coming into the school office and deposited in the 'School Payment' box in the school office. Your co-operation is greatly appreciated and will ensure that our office staff can deal more effectively each morning with parents and carers who have queries or information to pass on to their child's class teacher. 

If you have any questions regarding school lunches or encounter problems registering to make payments online, please contact Mrs Murphy in the school office in person, by phone or by emailing

For information re eligibility and how to apply for free school meals, please click on the Free School Meals tab in Parental Information.  

Lunch for staff and visitors is charged at £3 per day.

The cost per child per term (£2.20 per day / £11 per week) is as follows: 

Term 1

Tuesday 5th September 2017 – Friday 20th October 2017:    £74.80                            

Term 2

Monday 30th October 2017 – Friday 15th December 2017:    £77.00                     

Term 3

Wednesday 3rd January 2018 – Friday 9th February 2018:     £61.60                                   

Term 4

Monday 19th February 2018 – Thursday 29th March 2018:   £63.80                     

Term 5

Monday 16th April 2018 – Friday 25th May 2018:    £61.60                         

Term 6

Monday 4th June 2018 – Friday 20th July 2018:   £77.00                  



Ready for service

Parents and carers enjoying a sample menu

Our salad bar