Adoremus - Let us adore: Our Eucharistic Journey

The National Eucharistic Pilgrimage and Congress took place in Liverpool between 7th –9th September  2018 under the title ‘Adoremus’ (Let us adore). Through the Congress we are invited to renew and deepen our faith in, and devotion towards, the presence of the Lord Jesus in the Eucharist – both in the celebration of the Mass and in adoration and prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.


‘Adoremus will be a unique opportunity for the Church to gather and reflect on the centrality of the Eucharist and particularly to explore the place of Eucharistic Adoration.’

Cardinal Vincent Nichols

Our Eucharistic Journey

Schools and parishes across the Diocese of Westminster are being invited to make ‘Our Eucharistic Journey’ together, deepening our love for Jesus in Mass and the Blessed Sacrament. Teaching the children who the Eucharist is and giving them a real and positive experience of the Blessed Sacrament will help to nurture the Church of the future.

At St. Mary of the Angels we will be leading a number of initiatives and activities to deepen the children’s understanding of the Eucharist over the school year. Each half term we will explore a theme related to ’Our Eucharistic Journey’. This will be undertaken at an age appropriate level through prayer and worship experiences, creative art and design projects and through music and drama activities. We will also be planning opportunities for families of the school to become involved.

Oh Come All Ye Faithful Assembly 14th December 2018

To help us on our Eucharistic journey, Mr Harrison set the pupis and staff a special challenge. Our task was to write and perform our own lyrics for the well known carol 'Oh Come All Ye Faithful' or sing the carol in a different way at our 'Oh Come All Ye Faithful' assembly on Friday 14th December. One of the many highlights of this special assembly was Class JD's performance of the orginal carol in simplified British Sign Language. Please click on the links below to hear our Nursery and Reception pupils sinigng their wonderful version with the rest of the school joining in the last verse snd Class P singing 'Oh Come All Ye Loyal'. For more information on Adoremus please visit the Catholic Life of the School section of the website.

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 Westminster Diocese 

Adoremus Prayer

Jesus, You are truly present
in the Most Holy Eucharist.
Help me feel Your presence
every time I visit you.
Give me Your strength
when I receive You
in Holy Communion.
And, receiving Your love,
help me take that love to others.
I ask this in Your name.