Welcome to Class F's Home Learning Page!

Good morning Class F!

How are you finding home learning? It's really strange being away from everyone and not being able to see friends. Remember, when you are home learning, always take movement breaks and brain breaks. You feel so much better after one!

Here's a news story I think might make you smile - it's got some very cute animals: Click me!!

Don't forget to solve the problem of the day. How are you finding solving them? I've also added a pirate chalenge for you - it'll stay until the end of the week, so complete it when you can :)

Have a lovely day,

Miss Percival :)

Class F's Timetable

Class F - I've made a timetable to help you in your learning. I know how much you enjoy following our daily timetable at school and reminding me if I forget to change it! 
However, it's important to remember this is just a guide. Talk to your adult and decide what is best for you and how much you can achieve each day. Remember to have lots of movement breaks and brain breaks. Don't forget you need brain food too! 

Resources For All Learners

Dear Parents/Carers,

The staff at SMA have been working together to come up with a list of online learning tools, and websites with fun and engaging, educational content. Please take some time to look at the document below. We have included a brief description of each website, as well as the age range we believe it is best suited to. 

Thank you for your continued support, care and love for the school, staff, children and community.

Happy learning! 

SMA Staff. 

Click to Download Websites For Home [docx 2MB] Click to Download

Tuesday 31st March


This week, we will be revising our learning of fractions. Click here and join on 'Lesson 7: Finding a third'. Complete the flashback, just like we do in class. Then watch and participate along with the video! After this, you can click on the worksheet - either print it or write the answers down in your blue book. If you'd like, there's some games on Mathletics you can play.


Yesterday, you were very busy writing a letter to a friend. Today, the Jolly Postman has a task for you! He's got into a bit of bother and needs your help sorting out an address. Click on the Jolly Postman attachment below for this task. I bet he'll be very grateful for your help :) 


Either pick a book from BugClub or read one from your home library. 


All this half term, we've been learning about different animals and their habitats. Today, using your MyUSO login, I'd like you to complete a virtual experiment! Use this link and then click onto 2B - Plants and animals in the local environment. Complete both the 'Introduction' and the 'main activity.' Then, if you're ready for a challenge, have a go at the extension! 

Click to Download Letter From The Jolly Postman [docx 137KB] Click to Download

Monday 30th March 


Today, we will be revising our learning of fractions. Click here and join in on 'Lesson 6: Recognising a third'. Complete the flashback, just like we do in class. Then watch the video! After this, you can click on the worksheet - either print it or write the answers down in your blue book. If you'd like, there's some games on Mathletics you can play.


Today, I'd like to you to write a letter to a friend. It could be someone you know from school, someone from brownies or a friend that lives far away. Think about 3 things you would like to tell them you've been doing. Don't forgot to use capital letters, full stops, adjectives and make it exciting! What else could you use? 

Here's a sentence starter you could use: Dear _________, I hope you're well! I've had a really strange week - school has been closed! 


Either pick a book from BugClub or read one from your home library. 


In RE, you'll be learning the story of Palm Sunday. Either read the story from your Bible at home, or click here to watch the video.  Then, either write it in your books, or log onto BusyThings (using your MyUSO password) and click 'My Assignments'. There is a Palm Sunday template for you to use. I can't wait to see some of your brilliant recounts.

Below, I've added a home learning outline that explains some of the activities we will be completing this week :)

Click to Download KS1 Home Learning- Week 2 [docx 106KB] Click to Download

Share A Story

Will you share a story with me Class F? I've been looking and I've found us a new class book to share together! 
It's called 'Story Party' and it contains lots of different stories for us to listen to. I'm going to listen to a chapter a day - that's two (or sometimes 3) stories! But if you can't thats ok. Just listen for as long you'd like - or listen to a little bit throughout the day!
Will you join me at 3pm everyday?
Click on me to listen to our new class book :)  

Home Learning Ideas

Have a go at some of these tasks - see how many you can complete!

Click to Download Home Learning Grid Year 2 [docx 16KB] Click to Download

High Frequency Words

I've put together all of the Year 1 & 2 high frequency words. See how many you already know and which ones you might need a little more practise at.
I've also attached some fun ways you can try and learn your spellings. Let me know which method is your favourite! 

Click to Download Year 1 & 2 Common Exception Words [docx 709KB] Click to Download


Spelling lists will be published once a week. Learn the spelling rule and the words attached. Ask your adult to test you in your spelling book :) 

Click to Download Spellings 18th March [docx 12KB] Click to Download
Click to Download Spellings - 25th March [docx 13KB] Click to Download

Harold's Daily Diary

Harold from the Life Bus is writing a diary entry every day for you! 

On his diary, you can read about all the different things Harold is getting up to when schools are closed. Can you be like Harold and write a daily diary entry too?

Click here to read Harold's daily diary entry :) 

Maths Problem Of The Day

Can you solve the problem of the day? Remember to explain how you worked out the answer! Don't forget - you can always use some scrap paper or concrete resources such as counters or a numberline to help you solve the problem. 

The Mystery of the Astronaut - Phonics Investigation

In the summer, a space shuttle is heading to space. For the mission, two astronauts have already been chosen but there needs to be a third. Many astronauts long to be chosen and a large amount of people have put themselves forward for the job. Your task is to solve the clues to work out which astronaut will be chosen. Good luck!

Click to Download The Mystery of the Astronauts [pdf 1MB] Click to Download

Happy Birthday!

Did you know you share your birthday with around 18 million people in the world! That's a whole lot of cake!!
Research the date of your birthday - what significant events have taken place that day?
Then, either using the sheet attached or your blue books - write about it! 

Click to Download Happy Birthday To You! [pdf 310KB] Click to Download

Science Challenge

This week, I'd like you to complete this science challenge. Can you find out why this happens to the penny? Write the answer down in your blue books and amaze your family and friends with this science fact! 

CAFOD Lenten Calendar

Lent is a time where we think about how we can help others in our communities.

Have a look at the Lenten Calendar - it's like the Advent one we have used in class before. Click on today's date and see if you can follow the action. 

Click to Download CAFOD Primary Lent calendar 2020 [pptx 5MB] Click to Download


Each week, I'll be posting a MindUp activity for you to have a go at, just like we do in class.

This week, we will look at 'Your Brain'. This activity helps you to revise what the key parts of the brain are, and their functions. Throughout the week, have a go at some of these activities I've attached, along with the poster to help you. Maybe you could do one a day - remember to take brain breaks to help your learning! 

Oscar Romero

CAFOD is one of the charities that we support at St Mary of the Angels.

This week, they have put a pack together for you and your family to learn about Saint Oscar Romero. Discuss with the people in your family why you think Oscar Romero was such a special person.

Then have a go at making a Romero cross, but for your family. You could use this to help you pray at home too. I can't wait to see what you come up with! 

Click to Download Romero Cross [pdf 621KB] Click to Download

Phonics Play

Whilst school is closed, Phonics Play is free for everyone! There are so many fun games for you to choose from. 

Ask your adult to help you log in on the website (https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/). Try to revise phases 4,5 and 6. 

Username: march20

Password: home

Times Tables Rock Stars

This is a fantastic online resource that helps you to practise your recall of multiplication facts. Before using it, your adult will need to log on (https://play.ttrockstars.com/registration). The website is free for everyone whilst schools are closed. You'll be a times tables magician when we come back to school! 

Oxford Owl

This is a fantastic website that has lots of free books for you to read! It also has a brilliant range of phonic and spelling games, as well as lots of maths games too! Let me know what your favourite game to play is! 
Click here to explore this website with your adult: https://home.oxfordowl.co.uk/

Online Learning

Have a look at what learning has been set on these websites: 


External Link Icon Mathletics
Complete the daily maths tasks you have been set :)
External Link Icon Busy Things
Click onto 'My Assignments' or just have some choice time!
External Link Icon Bug Club
See what different books you can read and play some grammar and spelling games :)
External Link Icon Music
Everyday a new song will be added. Can you and your family learn the song? Try to put on a performance!
External Link Icon Audible
A fantastic collection of stories that you can listen to online. Remember to always have your adult with you whilst on this website.

Stay Active!

During home learning, it's really important that you have movement breaks and stay fit and active. Click on the image to have a look at all the different ways you can do this. Enjoy! :)

Choice Time Activities

Pick an activity you'd like to try. Can you take a photo of it or draw it? Was it easy or hard to do? Did you need some help or plan what you had to do first? Enjoy :)