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Monday, 30th March

Good Morning Class Q,

Did you know that lightening is about 6 times hotter than the sun!

I  have put some activities for you to start this week and a timetable for you to follow. Remember to check with your adults and work out what is best for you in your household.

Have a great day,

Miss Boxsell

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Resources For All Learners

Dear Parents/Carers,

The staff at SMA have been working together to come up with a list of online learning tools, and websites with fun and engaging, educational content. Please take some time to look at the document below. We have included a brief description of each website, as well as the age range we believe it is best suited to. 

Thank you for your continued support, care and love for the school, staff, children and community.

Happy learning! 

SMA Staff.  

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Home Learning beginning 30th March

Click to Download Gingerbread Man Story Book [pptx 5MB] Click to Download
Click to Download Funnybones-Story [pdf 1MB] Click to Download
Click to Download Jack and the Beanstalk [ppt 7MB] Click to Download
Click to Download Brown Bear, Brown Bear [ppt 9MB] Click to Download

Audible audio books

This is a great website that is free of charge.

We recommend the books:

The Lion and the Mouse

The Owl and the Pussycat


This week I want you to recap the diagraph (two letters that make one sound):





Tricky words

Practice your tricky words everyday.

Click to Download Tricky Words Word Mat Cursive [pdf 131KB] Click to Download
Click to Download phase 3 tricky words [pdf 23KB] Click to Download
Click to Download phase 4 tricky words [pdf 24KB] Click to Download

Phonics Hunt

For each sound this week I want you to draw 4 things that could have the diagraphs in.

Some ideas:

qu - quack, quick, squid, quill

ch - church, chip, chin, chop

sh - sheep, ship, fish, shop

th- think, teeth, moth, mouth

Rainbow writing

Practice your tricky words lots of times using differnt colours. Can you make it look like a rainbow?

Phonics play

Phonics Play have made it free of charge to use their website.

Maths 3D Shapes

This week you will be learning all about 3D shapes.

I have put some activities that you can do with your children at home.

I have added two links to help parents with teaching 3D shapes. 

3D shape Powerpoint

Go through this daily to help learn the names and properties of 3D shapes.

Click to Download Shape Powerpoint [ppt 7MB] Click to Download

3d Shape Hunt

Hunt around your home and find as many 3D shapes as you can.

3D Model

Using spaghetti/straws to make some 3D shape models.

You can use Marshemellows or playdough to hold your models together.

3D Crafts

Can you make a robot or spaceship or flower using different 3D shapes?

What's the shape?

Play with a partner.

Put one of your shapes in a bag or behind your back. Get your partner to describe the shape.

E.g. It has straight edges.

It has flat faces.

Not all the edges are the same length. 

The faces are square and rectangle.

What is my shape?

Dhape patterns - Topmarks

3D and 2D shape sorting

Collect some 2D and 3D shapes.

Can you sort them into 2 groups? 

The Little Red Hen

Learn the story and act it out every day.

I have added some activities for you to do this week.

Pie Corbett video 

Watch this video. Can you follow along with the actions?

You can watch it more than once a day to help you remember.

Story Map

You can do this over a couple of days.

In your home learning books draw your own story map for The Little Red Hen.

Say the story out loud to help you.

Point to the pictures as you retell the story.

Draw and Label

Draw the animals that are in the story.

Can you write what they have said?

Not I! 

Challenge 2:

Can you write what the Little Red Hen said?

Who will help me plant my corn?

Some fun activities

Click on the link to take you to some fun activities.

Fine Motor activities

Make some strips of paper with different types of lines for your child to cut along.

Why not make a pasta necklace or braclet.

You can even try some weaving using paper strips?

Online Learning Links

External Link Icon Cbeebies
Some fun games and learning :) Remember to always have your adult with you.
External Link Icon Jolly Phonics
A YouTube link to the Jolly Phonic songs. Always remember to have your adult with you.
External Link Icon BusyThings
See what your teacher has assigned you or play some fun games :)